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Best hosting VPS- full root access, easy scaling, more security, and fast speed:

Our virtual private platforms are built to provide incredible performance, as our technical engineers know matters to you the most- more control, reduced costs, increased uptime, and of course a variety of features and security. We help you customize the hosting environment according to the exact scale you need without even paying a single extra penny.

When you buy a virtual dedicated server, it will be divided into different kinds of separate hosting environments. So, when you get your own VPS hosting, one of these hosting environments would be completely dedicated to your system needs. This means you don’t need to stress about sharing multiple resources like RAM and CPU with different users and you won’t be impacted by their activities or behaviors.

That’s the reason, more and more businesses tend to switch to a cheap virtual private hosting solution that gives them full root access, provides easy scaling, enough security, and blazing fast speed.

Why do you need the best virtual private server hosting solution?

Virtual private servers have now become an important need for every business that is experiencing growing demands in today’s competitive landscape. Especially when your business is expanding beyond the limits of other hosting types, then private hosting that offers virtual servers becomes an important need.

Moreover, when you are getting a spike in traffic and receiving lots of everyday visits from all parts of the world, then VPS is the best solution that can handle your growing needs. For instance, when your website is geared towards launching new campaigns or putting enough marketing efforts, and you have plans to expand for serving more people in the industry. 

There might be a situation when you can handle a single website and its traffic, but what happens when you plan to launch two or more websites? Because if you are planning to host multiple websites for your business, you need a lot of resources. So, if your current hosting is not meeting all the requirements and you think it’s time to upgrade, then cheap VPS server hosting is the right solution that doesn’t even cost enough than other hosting types.

What’s included in cheap virtual private server hosting?

  • Free business management apps
  • Managed- Windows and CentOS7
  • Unmanaged- Windows, Ubuntu, Centos
  • Web stack (Nginx, PHP-FPM, optional Apache)
  • Web cluster (2 hosts minimum)
  • DB cluster (2 hosts minimum)
  • Plesk
  • cPanel
  • Remote Backup

Features offered by the best virtual private server provider:

  • Advanced functionality:

Now you can host unlimited domains, build a variety of email addresses, various databases, multiple FTP accounts, and much more with advanced functionality.

  • Powerful hardware:

Our cloud virtual servers are equipped with all the advanced elements that make them powerful enough, faster, and high-performing in the long run.

  • Regular backups:

Without paying any additional costs, you can easily get data backups with the help of our industry-leading cloud server specialists at Rackco.

  • DDoS protection:

VPS servers protect your systems against malicious attempts through DDoS so you can sustain high-bandwidth attacks. It helps mitigate threats and safeguard the whole infrastructure.

  • SSL encryption:

To offer the best possible protection to your business website and great reassurance, we provide an SSL certificate in all VPS packages.

  • 24 hours support:

In case of any issues or technical problems, our certified engineers provide 24 hours support and assistance. They resolve all the issues and stabilize your downtime.

Why Rackco is the best virtual private server provider?

Rackco is one of the trusted VPS hosting providers, that offer:

  • Money-back guarantees
  • Maximum reliability and flexibility
  • Complete customization
  • Complete scalability
  • Network guarantees
  • Incredible pricing
  • Focused on security 
  • World-class support

Important uses for VPS level control:

  • Web hosting
  • Ecommerce
  • Gaming
  • Test environment
  • Heavy apps and email uses

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I consider VPS hosting over shared server hosting?

VPS server is reliable for people who want more control over the hosting solution without the interference of any other user. For example, if your website traffic is growing with time, or perhaps you have more than two or three websites and you want better resources to run them efficiently. With VPS hosting, you will have complete control and flexibility and you can also scale hardware like RAM and disk space according to your requirement.

  • What should we do if we already have hosting and want to switch to a VPS server?

It’s easy. If you want to switch from your current hosting such as a shared or a dedicated one, you just need to transfer the files, change the DNS, share your requirements with our experts, and cancel the old plan. Our experts will guide you through the whole process.

  • What are the costs of VPS hosting?

VPS hosting costs are optimal and based on user’s requirements. We create custom plans for each client based on their budget and industry needs. if you want to get detailed estimates about prices, contact us today or have a look at our plans that clearly define all the pricing and features.

  • Can I personally virtualize my VPS?

No, you cannot virtualize VPS on your own, as VPS servers do not support this kind of virtualization. If you want to run the systems on virtual machines, you need to hire our VPS services at Rackco and get brilliant benefits without paying exorbitant costs.

Get access to high-performance VPS hosting with quick provisioning:

Whether you want to run a large enterprise website or a small business site, we are here to help you with easily managed VPS servers that have expandable RAM and storage and unlimited bandwidth and traffic.

Check out our packages and let’s get started to enjoy a worry-free solution for all hosting needs.

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