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Hosted private cloud with benefits of costs savings, control and flexibility:

A VPS or a private cloud is a type of cloud system that efficiently delivers lots of amazing advantages just similar to the public cloud such as scalability, flexibility, and self-service. However, the services could be leveraged through an efficient proprietary architecture. Unlike traditional public cloud solutions that deliver multiple services to hundreds of organizations, your private cloud will be only dedicated to your needs and the single infrastructure of an organization.

We offer hosted private cloud service, customized for optimum self-service and scalability using proprietary architecture. Rely on a unique RackCo alternative dedicated to your organization. The RackCo private cloud solution delivers a number of advantages for your server data, backups, storage, and communications needs. Our private cloud offers security, scalability, and self-service through a proprietary architecture.

We offer a dedicated server for a single organization, and we’ll custom design and build your private cloud remote storage and cloud remote backup services.

How private cloud solution works?

When you have a private cloud, it means you have a single-tenant work environment, which means you don’t have to share the resources with others, and you will have complete control everything. Now those resources can be easily managed in multiple ways. 

The cloud private server is specifically based on multiple resources that are already existing in your company’s on-premises data center or run separate infrastructure offered by your third-party service provider such as Rackco. Sometimes, the single-tenant environment can be enabled entirely by relying on virtualization software. In such cases, the private cloud and all the resources will be dedicated to a single user.

Benefits of using cloud VPS service for your organization:

There are lots of benefits of using cloud VPS hosting, such as:

  • Improved resource utilization
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased security and compliance 
  • More flexibility and scalability 

VPS cloud hosting features offered by Rackco:

  • Uptime at reduced costs:

When you consider cloud virtual server for your business needs, you experience 99.9% uptime guarantees with other benefits at extremely reduced costs.

  • Reliability in disaster recovery:

With high-powered VMware and other security features, you would experience ultimate reliability in case of disasters as you can quickly get access to your files.

  • Security with dedicated hardware:

When you have an entirely dedicated cloud system for your business, you don’t have to worry about security as its equipped with high-end tools and features accessible by only you.

  • Fully scalable to your needs:

With the best VPS cloud hosting solution, you can easily manage the growing demands of your business while increasing or decreasing your IT resources.

  • Expand configurations options:

There are lots of standard options available with virtual cloud server hosting, such as fixed configurations, single & multitenant servers, versatile storage, and many more.

  • Cloud migration:

By keeping your costs low, you can easily move into the cloud solution and get more control, freedom and access to all the features.

Rackco- the best cloud VPS hosting providers near you:

If you are looking for a user-friendly, secure, fast, and reliable solution for your business needs, virtual cloud server hosting by Rackco is an ideal deal to consider that has a lot of benefits in-stored for your success, such as:

  • Transparent pricing
  • First-class cloud architecture
  • Uncompromised performance
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Unrivaled SLAs

Frequently asked questions

  • What disaster recovery solutions are available with cheap cloud VPS hosting?

There are lots of features and tools available for providing security in any disaster situation, such as automated VMware that offers protection in one data center. You can also choose site replication that offers protection in the second data center.

  • How much data could be stored with a private cloud?

The primary benefit of using cloud VPS hosting is, you can store as much data as you want. You can easily meet all the growing requirements with unlimited storage.

  • How can I get started with private cloud hosting?

Once you contact our specialists and request for purchasing the service, our experts create a detailed design plan for your private cloud. We decide on some dedicated elements that need to provide for running smooth operations.

  • Is private cloud an expensive hosting solution?

No, private cloud hosting is not an expensive option for large enterprises or medium businesses. Though it’s entirely dedicated to your servers and available with perpetual security and features, you have to pay a bit higher than other hosting types. To get ideas about the pricing plans, contact our specialists or have a look at the packages we design according to your requirements.

  • What is the difference between private cloud and public cloud?

VPS or private cloud hosting can be identified with four major qualities that cannot be observed with other hosting types. Pooled resources, self-service options, usage-based metering, and elastic features. You can get these features in both the private and public cloud. Generally, the public cloud features all the resources that can be leased from cloud services, and your private cloud hosting has a lot of on-premises resources required to run your operations smoothly.

Are you ready to deploy your own private cloud today?

If so, it’s time to consult with our experts at Rackco that offers great VPS cloud hosting solutions to agencies, resellers, business owners, and large enterprises. 

We help you experience an ultimate cloud performance on reliable, flexible, fast, and secure enterprise infrastructure. When you choose a private cloud solution, it will be just like your personal data center fully managed with every feature and tool, easy to migrate, equipped with personalized login, as well as transparent pricing plans.

So, if you are ready to deploy your private cloud today, we are here to help with everything that can ensure more success and improvement to your business in the future.

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