VoIP Pros and Cyber Challenges


It is an efficient era in which Voice over IP is emerging as one of the top telecom solutions among small and medium-sized businesses. VoIP is rising to the top at about the same rate as cybercriminals who are doing their best to take financial advantage. The pros of VoIP far outweigh the cons, but companies can do more to identify cyber challenges and prevent them before a serious event or attack. A reputable VoIP provider goes a long way toward the safety and protection of your digital communications assets.

Pros in Best VoIP

Most startups and small businesses are turning to VoIP as their primary communications technology in which broadband Internet is used in lieu of outdated analog phone systems. VoIP serves as a cost-effective and scalable medium for global communications, and users are able to adapt with no interruption in a seamless integration process. VoIP provides companies with the necessary advantages that are compatible with evolving technologies:

  • Cost savings when it comes to physical equipment, phone lines, cabling, and calling.
  • Scalable solution that allows for either growth or reduction of staff at little or no added cost
  • User training that is simple and often self-paced
  • Proven stability as long as connectivity and bandwidth are at a premium
  • Integration with existing systems is simple
  • Audio and visual conferencing is generally high-end when the right systems are in place

Voice over Internet Protocol (IP) versus a traditional phone system is proving to be a productive and diverse solution for the global online community, but VoIP like any business phone system does not come without some cybersecurity challenges.

Cyber Challenges in VoIP

Using Internet voice and video for internal and external customer interaction is generally shown to be one of the most efficient and effective methods for online communications, but there are cybercrime challenges companies need to understand as well as actions companies can take. While it is high on the list of expenditures for researchers and technologists alike, cybersecurity is an ongoing desire for almost every facet of technology. Recognizing the types of cybercrime attacks and how they infiltrate the VoIP environment can save businesses from great loss. There are a variety of VoIP related cyber threats that continue to evolve and change over time:

Identity Theft and Service Theft. Identity theft in VoIP encompassed hacking into a system in order to obtain service at the expense of another party, often known as phreaking. Service theft is generally one of the various methods including eavesdropping or tampering to steal valuable information and credentials.

VoIP Phishing. This type of VoIP attack, also called vishing, is made when perpetrators pretend to be organizations they are not, in order to capture confidential information.

Denial of Service (DoS) Attack. A VoIP DoS attack involves a device or network that uses a variety of methods for denying service. These methods often include bandwidth and calling issues that halt the system allowing hackers to gain administrative access to the system. As well, hackers may intercept traffic and act as legitimate calling parties to gain information.

Malware, Viruses, and Spam. These common programs, often starting in an email, are generally a nuisance and spread across softphone networks to disrupt workflow and eventually lead to a breach of security.

This is the short and most obvious list of cybercrime issues for VoIP business phone systems. For many businesses relying on VoIP, these issues can be difficult to detect, diagnose, and recover from. While in-house resources can be used to mitigate or prevent cyber threats, there may be a better solution.

How To Manage Cyber Security Threats

Your awareness is the greatest solution to cybersecurity threats. Identifying the problem is easy, but resolving it may be a challenge for small businesses. One sure way to manage cyber threats is to seek out a reputable cloud phone system provider that offers the best VoIP service and understands modern security risks. When you depend on an expert immersed in the same VoIP criminal activities day in and day out, you lessen the risks that surround your environment. Call on RackCo today for the best VoIP service alternatives to meet your business needs. An excellent provider works regularly with cybersecurity companies to ensure the latest antivirus protocols. Get the most out of your efficient VoIP solution and at the same time protect your assets from the cyber challenges that continue to plague the Internet.