Voice over IP and Call Center Expectations for The Year Ahead

Voice over IP

Cloud-Based VoIP Call Centers 

 A cloud-based VoIP call center is a prime example of how a VoIP telecommunications solution is a must-have. The benefits exceed those of a legacy landline solution that prohibits call handlers from offering the best customer support possible. Imagine calling your cable company support line and how your technician might benefit from a hosted VoIP system:   

  • A hands-free telecom solution so a service technician can multitask to solve a problem. 
  • Increased call center troubleshooting performance. 
  • Improved customer satisfaction in a seamless interaction. 
  • Added problem-solving options for customers: chat instant messaging, phone, video, text, email, and remote assistance. 
  • Improved call communications for latency, jitter, clarity, speed, and more. 
  • Current communications system to align with advancing technologies. 
  • Security, maintenance, and upgrades are left to a reliable third-party provider. 
  • Web interface for easy call management and reporting. 

  This voice over IP system scenario is just one example of how both corporations and their customers find unified communications systems and VoIP solutions a win-win combination.  

 The Value of VoIP 

 In 2018, both unified communications systems and VoIP phone solutions expanded. Enterprise leaders are pleased with the results of integrated communications systems for business. With everything from scalable voice calling to video conferencing, instant messaging, SMS, and more at their fingertips for a low package cost, the value of VoIP services is clear.  

 While the statistics vary across global forecasters, it is expected that the worldwide VoIP market will increase between $140 and $205 billion, with the number of subscribers predicted at an astounding 350 billion, by 2020. According to an report, VoIP grew to $27 billion in the US alone. Advancing technologies and associated capabilities that meet or even exceed customer demand largely drives the voice services market.  

 Popularity Of Instant Messaging and Video Chat  

 Whether for business or personal communication, global messaging and video chat options are both taking a front seat. Billions of users in nearly every industry find these VoIP options successful for real-time transmission in troubleshooting, eCommerce, social media marketing, personal conferencing, and more. In fact, data shows worldwide instant messaging accounts will grow in 2019 to over 7,500 million. Many companies will rely on this type of data to make the case for enterprise-wide VoIP calling in the years ahead. What makes VoIP service so popular?   

 How Organizations Benefit From VoIP Calling 

 The evidence is certain, voice over IP calling services come with some benefits that are hard to turn down. Primarily, costs saving are considerable. One large company claims VoIP saved them 30% on phone costs. Their per-line savings were as high as $1,200 on each line over a two-year period. Providing teleworkers a VoIP environment saved them over $180 million in one year. Overall, these benefits were the most rewarding in a hosted VoIP solution:  

  • Overall cost savings. 
  • Seamless transition from landline to VoIP. 
  • Easier call management and handling via the web interface. 
  • Customer-engaging communications options.  
  • Added security, management, support, and updates through cloud-based providers. 
  • Mobility—available anytime and anywhere you have Internet. 
  • Versatile and multi-functional to suit most business calling scenarios. 
  • Call quality is optimum with minimal delays (except where you might have a poor Internet connection). 
  • Added calling options for voice messaging, email routing, call routing, and multi-line calling. 
  • A scalable solution when your company grows or decreases. 

When you consider the migration away from personal landlines in the last few decades, it’s only a matter of time until companies embrace enhanced VoIP as their main method of business communications. There are positive VoIP-based company call center expectations for the year ahead. 

Find a reputable provider that can answer your questions, and consider the future with VoIP services. It’s one more way to prepare your organization for compatibility with future technologies. Let RackCo be your guide for hosted VoIP phone service solutions.