Tips for Selecting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

IT Infrastructure

You’ve decided to contract with a reputable third-party managed service provider (MSP) for your IT infrastructure support solutions. It is a step in the right direction as you prepare your business to face the technological evolution of the future. With the current availability and high success rates of providers of Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), the decision to migrate some if not your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud is a smart choice for business growth and success.

When you contract with an IT services company for IT support, IT management, and IT management software, you have time to focus on your business at hand and manage your company in a more strategic business model. In fact, IaaS is often the perfect solution for small businesses or for those in which cyclical productivity periods are common.

How To Select the Right IT Service Provider

Once you are ready to find an MSP partner to help out with your IT support services, there are a number of tips to help you in the selection process. Since the services you are seeking are in fact Internet-based, what better place to start? Get online and:

  • Begin your search by educating yourself first on websites like and Techopedia. These sites offer information and terminology around the elements that make up your IT infrastructure.
  • Search using keyword strings like “how to find an MSP,” or “how to choose an IT service provider.” Visit key provider websites like RackCo to get a positive first impression and learn exactly what to expect. Not all MSPs are created equal to provide your IaaS solutions. Find out what service providers are available to take on your valuable IT.
  • Explore IT services company reputations. Have they been around a while? Do they come across as knowledgeable? Do they offer the specific services you require? Think of it as getting bids for a new patio. Select at least three IT services companies to investigate before you make a decision.
  • Look for a migration strategy, customer solutions, MSP certifications, and other IT credentials. You should be able to find this information on the website; if you cannot, ask your service partner about their skills and experience and how they can help you transition. Find out what sets the provider apart from the rest of the competition for your cloud hosting services.
  • Read reviews and seek out top performers. Work with providers that have a qualified reputation and partner with the best companies in the business (like Microsoft, Cisco, MySQL, and Dell, to name a few).

Today’s Internet discloses just about everything you need to know to make clear and strategic business decisions. Take time to do some research and learn just what to expect in IT IaaS.

What To Expect in Hosted Cloud Services

Hosted cloud services provide on-demand servers, networks, and computer applications to organizations remotely via the Internet. If you’ve found an excellent provider, you should expect provision for IT tasks including data archives, software updates, and cybersecurity, at a minimum. Essentially, an IT managed service provider (MSP) can also support IT infrastructure management in a cost-effective and scalable model. You can get the level of service and support you desire in one-off hosting services or an end-to-end IT MSP solution. Below are some of the functions you can expect depending on the degree of managed services you need and want:

  • 24 / 7 support with qualified, skilled experts and/or call center services
  • A team immersed in current technology and advancements
  • Flexible and scalable options to meet company changes including growth or downturns
  • Same-day onboarding of new team members including managed software service, hardware, networking, and more
  • Outsourced network administration
  • Cloud-based data centers that feature regular system monitoring, cybersecurity methods/firewalls, data backups and archives, VPNs, and disaster recovery
  • Support for mobile devices and other upcoming devices
  • Data tracking, analysis, and reporting
  • IT management software options
  • Risk management strategies
  • Web hosting/domain name registration
  • Video networking support
  • Telecommunications services and support
  • Service level agreements specific to customer needs

Not every provider offers all of these as IT outsourcing services, and some full-scale providers offer even more. The goal should be to find acclaimed services that meet your unique needs. This includes a provider that can work with you to determine exactly what those needs are and develop the right strategy for business achievement. Let RackCo get you started in a custom solution package or a ready-to-go solution that is right for your company and your customers. The sky is the limit when it comes to IT support services.