The Digital Workplace, Post-Pandemic


Whether or not you live and work in a region of the world that was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, you along with the rest of the world learned that companies, the media, and family members could communicate, live, and in many cases work remotely with success. While we are still at risk with many unknowns about the virus yet to be uncovered, one discovery is certain: the world and our technology sector are changed forever, and this change may be critical to business operations and progress as we move toward an economic rebound. If there is one positive outcome, it may be the triggering of a new digital workplace transformation, post-pandemic.  

 Digital Diversification 

 The world is already deeply immersed in a digital culture, but a worldwide lockdown forced many to cross boundaries, push technology limits, and seek creative ways to stay in touch. Across the globe, people figured out how to accomplish more than ever thought possible using remote digital channels amidst months of isolation. Below are some of the ways in which consumers, business owners, and family members became more digitally diverse in an already-digital-driven age.   

  • Smart Phone Takeover – more than ever, consumers of every age were forced to use their mobile devices for everyday orders, communication, and services, especially grocery delivery. Those that rarely use a computer took to their smart phones to get the goods they needed (often with the help of family members). 
  • Digital Platforms Expanded more online delivery choices have surfaced for everything from food delivery to ride-hailing services and wine club subscriptions. Now, many companies leave us dependent on these important and yet convenient services.  
  • Home Streaming Increased – movies, live and legacy TV programming, documentaries, webinars, gaming, and more, became popular pastimes as people sought to replace social interactivity and live events with entertaining stay-at-home activities and online events. 
  • Online Orders Take Precedence – Online order for groceries, disinfectants, and personal necessities along with books, puzzles, and games went into high demand. Many people made online orders for items that would stimulate their minds including books, puzzles and games. The temptation to buy online became serious for people stuck inside. Online orders grew and many of these types of items were backordered.  
  • eCommerce Innovations with malls and shops closed to the public, online consumer sales expanded and businesses are today rethinking the way they sell. With time on their hands, entrepreneurs have been getting creative in terms of the future of eCommerce including at-your-door service.  

Note: It is important to recognize that during the height of the pandemic many brave front-line workers risked their lives so that others could stay inside and rely on digital technology for survival. It is clear that human skills and services are still required even in this digital era, and we are truly grateful for these people.  

Distributed Cloud Computing 

As small companies get ready for a next generation digital workplace, cloud computing is essential. It may be that distributed cloud will be a consideration. TechTarget’s Margaret Rouse posts, “Distributed cloud is the application of cloud computing technologies to interconnect data and applications served from multiple geographic locations.” With remote workers crossing many remote office locations, distributed cloud technology is certain to surface as a significant solution. She concludes, “Distributed cloud speeds communications for global services and enables more responsive communications for specific regions.”  

Get Ready for the Digital Workplace  

A new digital transformation is on the horizon. With 40-hour workweeks and the use of prime office real estate in question, remote productivity proven to work, and new eCommerce business opportunities on the rise, now may be the time for many businesses to make a transition to a cloud-ready workplace. Connectivity, mobile options, and cloud technology all play a large role in what’s yet to come. Data and analytics are the lifeblood of a new digital workplace. Immersive digital experiences are proven possible, and the power of digital voice exchange has superseded expectations 

If the recent disruption from the coronavirus didn’t convince you to transition your small business, nothing will. With the coming of a new digital workplace, small businesses learned they must not be without current technology for their survival in the event of an unexpected disaster. Contact a RackCo specialist to learn more about how you can digitize your environment and ready yourself for what’s to come next.