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Terms and Conditions

Services Provided by Rackco.com - Axxa Commerce LLC. are subject to the Following Terms and Conditions

1. SECURITY & CONFIDENTIALITY Customers are responsible for the security, confidentiality of the customers account, content or passwords) including setting secure passwords and protecting them. The customer is responsible for contacting Rackco.com if they feel their security has been compromised. Rackco.com will lock/suspend or change passwords to any customer account upon request in a timely manner. No network is completely safe from intrusions and each customer does have to accept responsibility for the results of any intrusions to their accounts. Rackco will not sell your information to anyone.

2. LEGAL COMPLIANCE The customer agrees to follow all applicable laws and regulations of the United States in the use of services provided by Rackco.com. The customer agrees that any content stored or transmitted via the services provided by Rackco.com does not violate any copyright, patents, trademarks or laws. The customer agrees to not use services provided by Rackco.com in any threatening or harassing manner or any illegal activities. The customer agrees to not use any services provided by RackCo to support "Spam" in anyway. If it comes to the attention of Rackco that you are breaking any state, local or federal laws we will contact the appropriate authorities regarding the matter. Rackco does host all legal content within the guidelines of this agreement.

3. BILLING All invoices are due upon receipt. Overuse charges on bandwidth are billed the following month. If for any reason an invoice can not be paid within 10 days of receipt the customer does need to contact us in order to make any arrangements necessary. Rackco will make every reasonable attempt to contact you regarding billing issues prior to taking any actions however it is the customers responsibility to pay their bill in a timely manner and Rackco is not responsible for any losses related to actions taken by Rackco in the event of failure to make payments due to Rackco for services. We are happy to work with our customers through hard times and good times and we understand cash flow affects everyone not just large corporations and we will make every attempt to work with our customers within reason if the customer is keeping us informed.

4. CANCELLATION - REFUNDS Customer agrees to give (30) Thirty Days written notice of cancellation. To be effective the request must meet the following: .It must be sent to billing@rackco.com .It must have a physical or electronic signature of the customer. .It must list all account information .It must list date of data deletion, this is the date you no longer require Rackco to store any of your data of any kind including data bases.

We do hope that you have contacted us regarding any issue that would lead you to feel you want to leave us. We truly do appreciate your business and we want you to be happy with the services we provide. In the event you decide to leave us, Rackco will do all within reason to assist you in moving to another host. Rackco will not under any circumstances refund more than month of the customers regular monthly charges for their account. Any requests for refunds need to be made in writing and will be dealt with on a one on one basis.

5. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Rackco agrees to provide it's customers with technical support twenty four hours per day every day of the year without exception. We always want our customers to be able to contact someone in the event they need assistance. We offer access to our Tech Support via several methods however we do request you place a ticket first before requesting help by other means. We ask this of all customers so we can better serve all our customers by tracking all issues to their conclusion. We have live chat support for all VPS and dedicated hosting customers. They may also contact us by phone or email. Virtual hosting customers have full use of our ticket system or email. In some cases the Technical Support Engineer may request the customer join them in live chat in order to provide faster service. There is never a charge for Technical Support to our Virtual, VPS or Dedicated hosting customers for regular service and support. We do have customer Support available for Co-location and for some dedicated hosting customers and is always defined in a separate agreement with the customer.

5. IRC: INTERNET RELAY CHAT Any customer may submit a request for permission to operate an IRC server. In general we do not host IRC servers however we will be happy to work with a customer who uses them for customer service or support. Our concern is for all of our customers. All requests will be taken seriously.

6. DISCLAIMERS & WARRANTIES Rackco.com will not be liable for any actions taken by customers of Rackco.com. Rackco.com shall have no liability for anything resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our services. Rackco.com is not responsible for nor liable for any actions taken by customers of Rackco.com or agents of customers of Rackco.com. No warranties are expressed or implied. Customers are responsible for backups of all data unless specified in another document related to a specific product or service. AXXA Commerce LLC. doing business as RackCo.com reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and providing services is our option. By becoming a customer of Rackco.com - Axxa Commerce LLC. you agree to not hold the company liable for any losses resulting in the use of this service. Under no circumstances shall Rackco.com be held responsible for losses of the customer do to any reason. Regardless of knowledge prior to or relating to any instance. Rackco.com is not liable for losses due to downtime in excess of the monthly fees paid by the customer for the services provided. We do reserve the right to modify or remove content in order to comply with technical needs or legal demands that pertain to the customers account and content. We reserve the right to remove or suspend an account without notice for any reason. We reserve the right to take any actions needed to comply with any law enforcement.