Telecom Today and What To Watch For Tomorrow


c If you are the brains behind a thriving telecom company or if you simply need advice on seeking telecom services for the future, there are some unexpected predictions to watch for. Telecommunications, or telecom as we’ve come to call it, refers to technologies that allow the transmission of data, voice, video, and more. As you can imagine, those technologies are advancing rapidly, such that what served our business communication requirements yesterday requires a completely unique and different approach today, and will again in the years ahead.

The Anatomy of Telephony

When we consider telephony needs, it is clear that many integral components make up a qualified solution. Consider not only organizational needs but also frontend and backend software, equipment, networks, and devices. In the past, wired and wireless phones played a large role for most businesses while today’s Internet and new technology create a broad range of communications options that may involve microwaves, fiber optics, software-defined networking (SDN), broadcasting, and satellites, to name a few.

Today’s Telecom Dilemmas

Telecom companies today face new challenges that require a technologically sound, strategic approach—difficult to achieve when technology is evolving so rapidly and threatens to replace legacy communication systems of the past and present. There is plenty of buzz about business disruption in the telecom industry, and this affects consumers and telecom companies alike. To be prepared for this disruption might be a little like following the current fluctuation in the stock market. Some areas recognized as troublesome for the telecom industry include managing immense data, cybersecurity, competition in the market, diverse portfolio that lacks quality, and many Internet-based alternatives to traditional products and services. These telecom company dilemmas have resulted in reduced revenue in the areas of international voice communication, roaming, and SMS messaging along with lower growth and tighter margins.

Survival of Telecom for Tomorrow

As telecom companies take a more simplified, unique approach toward their mission for success and profitability, the chance for survival among the competition may increase. Leaders should take a modern approach to their operations and also revisit their strategy for success with a more futuristic outlook. Rather than offer an overly diversified portfolio, focus on a few high-demand niches and become exceptional to meet consumer demand for high-quality products and phenomenal experiences. As an example, cybersecurity and cloud services are essential service offerings in high demand across the board.

Taking What Works to New Heights

For telecom companies of today to succeed in the future, it will be important to use some turnkey strategies, taking what works to new heights. When a telecom company uses customer demands as a direct advantage, it’s a win-win. Select a service you’re best at or a particular focus group where you can stand out among a crowd. Figure out what is hot on the market and follow the trend. Find weaknesses among communications connectivity services where you can respond to a niche, whether for improved bandwidth, speed, quality, or service area, etc. Capitalize on a product such as fiber optics, copper, or unique materials currently desired by a customer or industry. Create your reputation as an outstanding provider that is different from the rest. Consumers are seeking diamonds in the rough, and you must get creative in order to fulfill this need. Use innovation to your advantage so you and your customers don’t get left behind.

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