SQL High Availability Services

A consultancy using Microsoft SQL to manage your projects

SQL Server Hosting

We work with clients to offer Microsoft SQL based services for database consulting, assessments, remote backups, app and database performance as a service, and customized architecture—all in one!

SQL High-Availability Services

RackCo.com offers innovative Microsoft SQL high-availability hosting services to ensure your critical business applications are running and stable, especially in the case of an unexpected event on your production unit. We eliminate your need for a full-time database administrator (DBA) by getting to know your environment. We architect the ideal Microsoft SQL server database structure based on your specific organizational needs. Count on RackCo to implement and support your MSSQL infrastructure, reducing your demand for added resources.

The RackCo Microsoft SQL Service Package:

  • Database Consulting Services
  • Assessment Services
  • Remote Backup Services
  • Application and Database Performance as a Service
  • High-Availability SQL
  • Customized Architecture

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What To Expect

To architect high-availability Microsoft SQL hosting services, our experts learn about the specific needs of your application and develop physical and logical data models according to your business requirements. The results include a scalable long-running platform. Don’t wait to sign up for 24/7 world-class DBA name support with 17 years’ experience. We help augment your internal team, prevent failure and deliver the right services at the right time.

Are you ready to increase security, enhance performance, and reduce costs for your Microsoft SQL Server? Get in touch for a free quote.


Let RackCo assist you to select the type of hosting solution that best aligns with your company needs and budget. We evaluate your environment, assess your needs, and provide an efficient model for your success. You receive the highest quality in a Cisco-built network, Dell enterprise services, and managed dedicated server solutions, from custom installations to complex cluster builds. We understand your needs for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and we’re here to offer the RackCo difference in a personalized approach.


Choose our SQL high-availability services from RackCo. Call our technicians at 800-652-7922 or email our Sales team and ask about building a custom plan to fit your needs! It’s time to make the right choice for your enterprise.