RackCo has invested considerable time and money to build a redundant network and provide a high quality high uptime hosting solution for our customers. This has been accomplished by the following:

  • Redundant hardware
  • Multiple upstream providers
  • All key network components are monitored 24×7


RackCo.com will provide a minimum 100% uninterrupted connectivity to the Internet (as measured on a monthly basis) as well as 100% uninterrupted electricity. Should transit to the Internet or electricity become unavailable for a cumulative period up to 5 minutes beyond the 100% minimum in any month of service, the client will receive an account credit equivalent to 5% of the client’s Recurring Monthly Fees of affected services for that month for every additional 5 minutes the network or power is unavailable.

Calculations for credit will be based on service not being available in 5 minute increments. The above agreement does not cover outages caused by equipment and/or events under the control of the client. This Service Level Agreement does not cover outages due to scheduled or emergency network and/or facility maintenance, all scheduled and an email notice to the contact information listed on your account will precede all emergency maintenances.

Any and all credits to the client will not exceed 100% of the client’s recurring Monthly charges for the month in which the credit is issued. All credits must be requested within 30 days of the incident.

To request a credit email billing@rackco.com with your account name along with the time of and time span of the outage. Accounts must not be past due when requesting an SLA credit.


RackCo Networks offers a 4hour hardware replacement SLA on all current dedicated server offerings, those servers listed here. The 4 hour period begins as soon as there is a ticket response confirming a hardware issue and only applies if it is specified to perform the maintenance immediately. If the hardware is not replaced within 4 hours of the detected failure a 10% SLA credit can be requested, with an additional 10% for each additional hour, by emailing the details and duration of the outage to billing@rackco.com. The credit must be requested within 30 days of the incident and the amount of the credit cannot exceed 100% of the monthly fee for the affected server.

There is no hardware SLA offered on custom or older systems due to potential availability issues, but best effort will be made to resolve these issues during the same 4 hour time period.


RackCo.com will provide a minimum 99.99% uninterrupted access to your web site, email, and other related services. Should your services become unavailable for a cumulative period beyond the allowed 0.01% in any month of service, the client will receive a credit equivalent to 5% of the client’s pro-rated recurring monthly fees for that month and then an additional 5% for every additional 15 minutes the web site and/or other related services are unavailable.

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