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Plesk shared hosting- Fine-tuned and blazing fast solution for your business:

Due to a lot of options for customizations and predefined configurations, Plesk shared hosting has become a current favorite of every business owner who wants to run their website using a fine-tuned and blazing fast hosting solution.

With access to create schedules, and share files and folders, Plesk offers a lot of incredible benefits that provide the best user experience in the long run. 

Plesk is one of the most user-friendly and simplest control panels that’s included in the Linux shared hosting- the software created specifically for huge servers. It has the power and potential to handle and utilize open-source OS Linux. At Rackco we ensure that end-users welcome this easy-to-use control panel, and this has reduced their complication of management to a certain extent.

With Plesk hosting services, users can easily manage services on the server with the ability to manually install add-ons, tools, and features.

You cannot only build a code-ready environment in Plesk but also secure your applications and websites easily.

Why choose the best Plesk hosting services for your website?

When it comes to looking for a new and fast web host, Plesk is the most reliable hosting solution that you can ever come across. Plesk is basically a short name for Parallels Plesk Panel, which is a control panel specific for web hosting solutions. It provides host customers an easy and simple graphical interface which provides the easiest website management for all novice users.

Now when you choose the best Plesk hosting providers, they provide easy access to all the tools and features responsible for security and performance. 

Moreover, you will get the fastest Plesk control panel with the best Plesk hosting service providers, which is an easy-to-use solution even for beginners. It provides smooth, ultra-reliable, and high performance. When we host your website under our Plesk server, you will get 20x increased page load speed as compared to your previous service provider.

Benefits of considering Rackco- the best Plesk web hosting services providers!

When you rely on our best Plesk web hosting services, you will get to see a lot of remarkable benefits mentioned below.

  • 20x faster turbo: With such high speed and performance, you will experience increased rankings and better conversion rates.
  • 99.9% uptime: Our ultra-reliable and high-performing servers offer 99.9% uptime guarantees to avoid any kind of disturbance.
  • Free site builder: With our free site builder, you can simply create your site without having to manage some complex code or technicalities.
  • Unlimited email accounts: Rackco gives you access to creating unlimited email accounts for handling your communication smoothly.
  • Unlimited domain hosting: You can enjoy unlimited Plesk hosting with Rackco so you can expand your services in the future with no costs.

Important features you get with cheap shared Plesk hosting:

Have a look at some important features you get with reliable Plesk hosting providers around you.

  • Plesk multi-server:

With Plesk, you can manage a multi-server environment. We help you build customer accounts as well as hosting subscriptions across different servers.

  • Adaptable user interface:

When you choose Plesk, you would also have the webmaster capabilities with service provider view and power user view (server administration).

  • WHMCS:

You will have WHMCS integration that helps manage customer accounts and also enable you to perform everyday billing operations.

  • Security with 1 click:

At Rackco, you don’t have to stress about security issues as we offer server-to-site protection against different website attacks and malicious attempts.

  • Plesk extensions:

You will have a lot of Plesk extension kits such as Plesk WordPress toolkit, Plesk migrator, Plesk Cgroups manager, Plesk email security, and many more.

  • Plesk Obsidian:

At Rackco, we are committed to serving our users with the most innovative and advanced server management platform called Plesk Obsidian.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Plesk? What makes it special?

Plesk is the most user-friendly, reliable, intuitive, attractive, and graphical control panel that can be used particularly to manage your hosting account. The platform is perfect for both experienced and beginner users as there are lots of resources included in the control panel of Plesk. You would be able to manage the websites, emails, databases, files, and much more with Plesk. Users can also choose Plesk to automatically download commonly used software platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and others.

  • Is Plesk a secure platform like others?

Yes, especially when you choose our best plex web hosting solution, you can experience perpetual security through which we block hacks and spams before they attack your website. 

  • What is the Plesk hosting price?

Plesk hosting prices are not much expensive as compared to other web hosting solutions. Especially with Rackco, you experience optimal cost results as we provide an affordable Plesk hosting plan based on your needs. Contact us today and get detailed ideas about all the costs.

Let’s get started with Plesk today!

If you are looking for an easier, reliable, and professional hosting solution for your website, Plesk hosting is the most amazing choice to consider today. At Rackco, we create custom-tailored packages for our users that specifically depend on their needs and current industry requirements.

From infrastructure providers to IT admins and content managers to digital agencies, Plesk web hosting is an all-in-one solution for every web professional. So, whether you want a website hosted on Plesk, or looking to create a Plesk reseller account, Rackco is here to provide a solution for every web hosting need.

Have a look at our three packages designed to meet your business needs. Select one of them that suit best to your requirements and let us know to proceed further.

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