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What Is A VOIP PBX Hosted System?

A Hosted VoIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone exchange system that is built, delivered and managed by a service provider using IP telephony – so it is provisioned and delivered via the internet instead of via traditional PBX equipment that would once have needed to be installed in-house.

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Why should you consider a Hosted VoIP PBX Solution for your business?

  • Upfront cost is minimal

    With a hosted phone system, there’s little equipment to be purchased. Your entire phone system runs off the same connection as your internet service, making the transition to your hosted solution easy and cost-effective. Your infrastructure cost will no longer be a concern.

  • It’s hosted by your service provider

    VoIP PBX systems are managed by your service provider, so your team doesn’t have to worry about phone maintenance or upgrades. Your time and resources are better spent on your business rather than on your phone system.

  • VoIP PBX is able to meet your changing needs

    Your business is always evolving so having a phone system that scales is smart and cost effective. You can easily customize your phones to best suit your business by managing your account via the cloud.

  • Opportunity to work remotely

    These days, business isn’t being conducted in just one location anymore. Mobility is now a key feature of a hosted VoIP PBX solution. An integrated system gives your employees the freedom to do business using any device they choose. This keeps you entire team connected and productive!

  • Eliminate your downtime

    A temporary shutdown due to a power outage or other disaster doesn’t have to be a dire situation anymore. Hosted VoIP PBX ensures uninterrupted service since your hardware and data are stored off-site. Calls can be quickly rerouted to other phones so you can continue doing business. This can significantly minimize any losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

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RackCo has always been responsive to our requests and resolves matters promptly.
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Why should you choose RackCo for your hosted VoIP PBX solution?

With the RackCo VoIP PBX hosted solution, you receive fully managed hosting services at the highest level of quality, service and support. Our managed VoIP PBX service is designed to provide you the best VoIP service and experience possible. We act as the sole source for your hosted phone system to service your issues and serve as your vendor and networking support.

RackCo also offers compatibility with the best VoIP PBX phone systems: Mitel, Jabra, Plantronics, IP Phones, and more. It may be time to invest in a seamless, hosted PBX and VoIP for business phone solution for all of your communications needs.

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Let RackCo assist you to select the type of hosting solution that best aligns with your company needs and budget. We evaluate your environment, assess your needs, and provide an efficient model for your success. You receive the highest quality in a Cisco-built network, Dell enterprise services, and managed dedicated server solutions, from custom installations to complex cluster builds. We understand your needs for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and we’re here to offer the RackCo difference in a personalized approach.

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