Managed Service Providers (MSP) in 2017


How are managed service providers (MSPs) in lieu of on-premise solutions changing businesses?

When you recognize just how rapidly outsourced IT solutions have infiltrated fast-growing startups and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the last decade alone, it’s clear that managed services are a proven and effective choice for a number of business scenarios. While there is a distinct learning curve, the MSP model has taken storm over labor and cost-intensive on-premise solutions for many IT organizations. There’s just no question about the short- and long-terms benefits in companies relying on a managed service provider for some or all facets of their information technology.

MSP Benefits for 2017

With ongoing advancements in technology often too difficult for average IT departments to keep up with along with new attention placed on high security after a deluge of ongoing cybersecurity incidents, the shift toward an MSP cloud-based model is only getting stronger. As well, companies are doing their best to reduce costs and stay on budget in an accelerated competitive online market. The MSP model comes with a number of other benefits in 2017:

  •  Increased standards for IT infrastructure
  • Cloud options at every level, from data storage to cybersecurity
  • Less contract-related constraints with more flexibility in scalable solutions as companies grow and change
  • Simplicity in integrating evolving technologies
  • Consumer accommodations for a “service provider universe” with grand expectations
  • Cloud-based productivity level in which data centers take the stage to more efficiently manage the IT infrastructure

By relying on service-based alternatives in the cloud, companies more easily and efficiently integrate people, processes, and IT infrastructure to create a modular, flexible foundation that aligns with the future, whatever it brings. MSPs stand behind a service model that combines leading providers into one high-end solution instead of companies seeking out separate vendors on their own for every facet of IT.

On-Premise Solutions Have Challenges

There is an optimum IT infrastructure model for every business, so the decision between outsourced and on-premise solutions has everything to do with company needs and goals, but the fact is outdated on-premise solutions may be holding businesses back if they’ve not yet explored managed IT services potential. A look at the ongoing challenges in outdated IT platforms in terms of the future could change your way of thinking:

  • In-house staffing resources may find it difficult to keep current as new technology platforms emerge
  • Lengthy, comprehensive contracts and renewals along with outdated service level agreements are daunting to keep up
  •  Equipment repairs and upgrades are costly, take up space many companies no longer have, and require staff to maintain
  • Automation is a serious requirement as part of technology service delivery, and legacy systems may not have the capability
  • Costs rise as more and more staff is required to maintain on-premise IT solutions and integrate new technologies

Outsourcing IT managed-services has shown to reduce costs, increase profits, add customer value and service, and prepare companies technologically. For companies that don’t expect to grow or change, their on-premise solutions may still be right.

MSP Outlook

As product offerings continue to expand to the continuing “as a service” model where consumers demand heightened customer experiences with no margin for error, for some, migrating to an MSP for their IT needs could be crucial for the success of their business.

While contracting with an MSP has proven to be an efficient, cost-effective solution for many organizations, most companies also need guidance with change management, integration practices, and seamless computing. A reputable MSP will offer consulting services in these areas to complement their overall IT service offerings.

Look for a managed service provider (MSP) that can align with your technological needs today and well into the decades to come. RackCo is your go-to for dedicated servers, web hosting, private and public cloud services, database consulting, and PBX hosted solutions. The MSP outlook is undeniably contagious and the right provider is certain to take businesses into the next generation of technology.