Managed Dedicated Server

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Available Dedicated Servers

CPU Core Ram Storage Bandwidth Price Type
Dell Enterprise Server 1950 2x Quadcore x 2.66 GHz 4 GB (DDR4) 1 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Unlimited $99.00/mo un-managed Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server 1950 2x Quadcore x 2.66 GHz 16 GB (DDR4) 2 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Raid Unlimited $299.00/mo managed Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server 860 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $650.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R620 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $650.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R630 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $650.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R610 2 Cores Hexacore 48gb ram 2 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Raid Configure on demand $650.00/mo managed Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R710 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $350.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R410 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $265.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server 1955 2x Quadcore x 2.66 GHz 16 GB (DDR4) 2 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Raid Unlimited $249.00/mo managed Order Now

Need optimum performance and security? Buy a managed dedicated host!

Unmetered bandwidth, increased performance & speed, and powerful hardware solutions are some of the qualities of our top dedicated server in which a single physical server is specifically dedicated to only one customer for all hosting needs.

The customer using a dedicated server will have complete control over the operations of the machine, so it can be optimized according to the requirements of the customers. The customers experience a great boost in speed and performance with the best dedicated server host while the service providers will be responsible to offer advanced physical server support and an operational environment, with strong technical support.

At Rackco, we take pride in providing the best dedicated hosting services where our servers are perfectly optimized for reliability, scalability, speed, and performance- backed by our 24 hours virtual assistance.

Invest in the best cheap dedicated server that’s 100% yours…!

If you are looking for complete dedicated support with no sharing resources at all, then it’s time to invest in your best-dedicated hosting provider that do not only offers data center powered reliability but also responsible to provide 24 hours customer support with your server choice.  

Whether you are running a large-scale enterprise website, small business website, or medium-level IT company, dedicated server hosting is the right choice with incredible benefits that are offered none by any other hosting type in the industry. From high-performing processors to strong ECC memory, a dedicated server is equipped with all the features and qualities that make it’s an excellent choice for your web hosting needs. 

Why consider the help of the best-dedicated server hosting provider?

When you consider cheap dedicated web hosting services by Rackco, you can experience data center-level advanced protection. Here are few more features that make it an unavoidable option for your website hosting.

  • Complete control: As you will be the single-tenant, IT staff will be responsible to control all the server activities, apps, and other stuff.
  • Flexibility: You can easily make changes in your setting and configurations, can add new software, or adjust anything for more improvement.
  • Performance: With cheap dedicated server hosting, you can improve the performance of your site by installing different apps.
  • Security: Every business owner can increase security while optimizing the server to advanced levels to meet his organization’s needs.

Loaded with features you want to access today!

  • 100% server control:

There are simply no limitations when it comes to using a dedicated server, you will have complete freedom and control and all the resources will be at your disposal.

  • DDoS protection:

You will experience perpetual security and protection with dedicated server hosting that keeps all the resources safe in case of malicious attacks.

  • Flexible and scalable:

You will have absolute flexibility and scalability while using dedicated server hosting, you can make any changes or adjustments for improvements.

  • Backup drive:

Our top dedicated server hosting comes in a standard way and has a pre-installed solid-state drive that helps backup your data every day. 

  • Dedicated IP address:

You have an opportunity to experience enhanced security and accessibility as dedicated servers come with dedicated IP addresses.

  • Uncapped bandwidth:

Unlike shared hosting, there are no limitations on the amount of traffic your site receives. Dedicated servers allow unlimited visits due to their uncapped bandwidth feature.

  • 100% network and uptime guarantees:

Uptime is most crucial today, which is why we guarantee that your dedicated server will have 100% uptime that keeps up and runs your site for 24 hours.

Operating systems available for dedicated servers:

With plenty of updated tools, fine-grained controls, managed security, and advanced features, Rackco provides the latest solutions for different operating systems such as Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers, so you can enjoy optimum performance and increased level support.

Benefits of cheap dedicated web hosting services:

If you have a technical background, renting a cheap dedicated web server is the best decision you could ever make. It offers a lot of incredible benefits such as:

  • Hosting high traffic websites
  • Advanced level content streaming
  • Machine learning
  • Big data 
  • Advanced storage solutions
  • Infrastructure virtualization

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need to use a dedicated server for my website?

It hugely depends on your business needs, if your site is taking time to load, or you receive too many visits in one day, or perhaps you are running out of storage, then you really need the help of dedicated servers.

  • What is the difference between a dedicated server and VPS?

A dedicated server is basically your own server that is completely dedicated to your business needs and no one else could share resources, while when you choose a VPS server, it would ultimately divide all the resources of one server with other users and their websites. If you have a small blog or a business site, VPS is the best choice. However, if you are a large enterprise, you need dedicated servers for your everyday needs.

  • How can I get started with your dedicated hosting plans?

You can get started today by choosing our dedicated server hosting plans mentioned below. Or just contact our team and learn which plan suits your needs best.

  • Can I upgrade my shared server to a dedicated server?

Yes, any time! Especially if you have plans to expand or your website is receiving too many visits, you must switch from shared to a dedicated server that offers multiple benefits over VPS or shared hosting.

Stuck somewhere or just want tips to get started? Sign up for cheap dedicated server hosting!

No worries, Rackco has got you covered with their affordable plans and pricing for every small to large business. So, whether you need tips to get started or looking for a reliable way to expand your business, contact our experts and sign up to avail our super amazing offers today!

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