IT Trends for 2019 | Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

In terms of IT trends for 2019, there are some consistent messages among Forbes, Gartner, the CES show in Vegas, and other top predictors. Last year, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics were on everyone’s minds. While some of these technology innovations continue to remain high on the list for 2019, they have expanded to include entirely new applications. There are some new trends on the list as well.  

According to the annual Gartner’s article describing new strategic technology trends for the coming year, 2019 trends revolve around artificial intelligence (again), blockchain technology (which we thought was dead), immersion technologies, and augmented analytics, to name a few. Let’s look deeper at these topics and figure out what they mean today.  

Another Look At AI 

In last year’s IT trends blog, AI was popular in terms of personal assistants, computer-generated consumer behavior patterns, self-driving vehicles, and robotics. In the coming year, with security high on the minds of nearly everyone, robotics is playing a major role. As an example, from arenas to parking garages, robots have a place. They are programmed to identify suspicious activities, record associated data, and report findings. Other advancing autonomous examples include drones (for a variety of purposes from real estate to military applications), smart appliances, and other Internet of Things (IoT) concepts.   

Blockchain TechnologyStill 

It got off to a rough start. The controversial topic of blockchain—the system whereby the record of a transaction made via Bitcoin (or other forms of cryptocurrency) is managed across a number of computers that are linked through a peer-based network—is predicted by many to continually progress and become a valid system for payments, information, and more. In fact, in terms of Bitcoin, in one Forbes article, Tim Draper, American Venture Capitalist, was quoted as saying, “I am sticking to my original prediction – Bitcoin will hit 250k by 2022.” Many other executives make similar statements in support of blockchain technology. While many web authors have reported on its rocky path of doom, it could prove to be a hot technology trend for 2019 or a future year.  

The “Realities” Technologies

Also in last year’s IT trends blog, three immersive technologies—or those that try to emulate the physical world via digital or simulated worlds—were on the list. As the virtual, augmented, and mixed “realities” continue to evolve, they have risen to intense significance to many markets and particularly incoming generations that demand a heightened user experience. VR is expected to track users based on the senses while MR delves into seeing and interacting. The combination of these realities is nothing short of powerful, and they all play a significant role in marketing, consumerism, and device interactivity.  

Digital Duplication Revisited 

The concept of digital duplication whereby we duplicate systems, programs, and processes to learn something or create an environment for testing, is not a new one. Today, advancing technologies allow us to take this simple, effective concept of creating a digital twin, especially on a large scale, and use it to empower companies in new ways. The effort may be targeted to unique business goals, or it may be established in real-time for precision data. A system duplication effort may be integrated with analytics and intelligence for comprehensive outcomes, or fulfill consumer demands based on certain criteria. Imagine obtaining insight based on reality rather than data analytics alone or blind forecasting. Companies have greater opportunities for certainty in operational, process, and productivity efficiencies.   

IT Trends and You 

While not every IT trends affects every person or company, at least one or two is expected to have a trickle-down impact that makes trend awareness worthwhile. You may not own a drone, but the odds are you will be exposed (or already have been) to a drone in your near future. Your neighbor may be selling their home, and their realtor may be on the grounds with a drone to capture the footage they need for a rock star home sale. Listen for a buzz in the air (although new drones are likely quieter and more efficient than their predecessors).   

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