Is Shared Website Hosting Right For You

Website Hosting

Do you mind sharing a secure server for your website hosting needs? Do you require multiple web sites in one great web hosting service to advance your business? As more and more companies develop their online presence, offering consumers multiple sites and domain names along with the convenience of single server resources is becoming a popular alternative for savvy entrepreneurs.

Web Hosting for the Future

There are staggering statistics for Internet users, most requiring a website hosting service. According to, there are over 3.74 billion users with a $205 billion in ad spend this year, and the numbers are growing in strides. The trends will continue as startups and existing businesses design new sites, add additional domain names and upgrade to the best web hosting services available in order to keep up with the times. As well, companies are seeking small business web hosting services where they get the most for their rate, and that often includes search engine analytics.

Shared Website Hosting Services to Expect

Whether you decide to use a dedicated or shared webserver to suit your business needs, every business owner has some common goals. Both affordable web hosting services and some of the best web hosting services generally offer the basics. Expect these services at a minimum:


  • Cost-effective hosting in a competitive market
  • Secure servers
  • Fast response times
  • Regular updates
  • Efficient maintenance, uptime, and payment options


The decision is not an easy one, with so many hosting and shared hosting options to choose from. A thorough comparison followed by a process of elimination is one way to select the shared web hosting package for your business or personal needs.

Basics of Shared Web Hosting

It is easy to tell you that shared web hosting is a popular choice, but let’s review it and look at some advantages and disadvantages. Shared web hosting requires some flexibility on the part of you as a business owner because it means you are willing to share a server. It may well be the perfect solution for small business web hosting in which you don’t need expensive on-premise equipment or a dedicated server. The services are transparent. You have the option of multiple domain names for your business on a single server, and you may well be discreetly sharing a server with other small business owners and never know it.


Why Shared Web Hosting For Next Year

The main reason startups and small businesses choose shared web hosting are because it is truly an economical option that costs less and accommodates smaller companies. Let’s review some key advantages to this option:

  • One of the least expensive hosting options, from $2 to 12
  • Scalable hosting packages to meet your business needs
  • Easy dashboard style website management
  • Maintenance-free server alternative; the maintenance is done for you
  • Easy to upgrade


With every great hosting option, there are a few disadvantages to be aware of as well:

  • As a customer, you may have a server resource limit based on the package you select
  • There are many hosting companies, and you may run across some that are not reputable
  • Load times may vary on a shared service versus a dedicated service
  • Performance and 100% uptime may be a factor if you select the wrong carrier
  • Risks are slightly higher, but security is of the highest priority
  • Not as customizable


Shared web hosting may be the perfect solution for startups and businesses that don’t expect to grow to enormity. The good news, even with high growth, companies can upgrade or switch to a dedicated server solution when they need it, and when they are able to pay more.


Find a Reputable Website Hosting Provider

Call on Rackco for the best web hosting solution that aligns with your business needs. Once you find a reputable company for cost-effective shared web hosting services, you’ll appreciate a long-term relationship that will satisfy your business for years to come.