Date: 3/28/2023

Dear Customers,

Many of you have been with us from the very beginning. It’s hard to believe it has been over 20 amazing years and we can’t thank you enough for putting your trust in us!

Stephan and I are both planning on retiring/semi-retiring in the coming year(s). Stephan has had a lifelong goal of retiring at 55 and I am also ready to start winding things down and spending more time with my family and doing the things I love, like fishing and boating.

Choosing a hosting provider is a huge deal and when you selected RackCo, we understood how important that decision was and the trust you put in us, so finding the perfect successor was paramount! We knew the importance of finding a company who had the same customer centric core values and beliefs, as both Stephan and I, would be essential. In addition, we needed a hosting company that was well established, with the infrastructure to support the wide array of businesses that we serve.

We have found the perfect successor, Liquid Web Family of Brands.

We have put together a “White Glove” migration plan, one that will provide a smooth transition to their platform. During this transition period, rest easy, knowing you will still have access to the RackCo support team, in addition to Stephan and me. We will all be working in coordination with the Liquid Web Techs for a flawless migration.

Why did we choose the Liquid Web Family of Brands? Liquid Web is a family of brands totally devoted to online business professionals like you. Building on over 25 years of success, the Liquid Web Family of Brands delivers technology, service and support for thriving businesses and nonprofits running mission-critical websites, eCommerce stores and applications. Liquid Web (Managed Dedicated and Shared Hosting), Nexcess (Digital Commerce Cloud) and StellarWP (WordPress Software and Tools) have more than 500,000+ sites under management, have over 50,000 Software subscribers and 1 million+ free version Software users.  As a family, they are purpose-built to deliver software, solutions and managed services that keep businesses dreaming bigger and doing more.

You will find that the Liquid Web Family of Brands mirrors the RackCo beliefs of honesty, integrity, and support. And that is one of the most important reasons we chose them. We have no doubt that you will continue to have the “RackCo” experience with Liquid Web.

More about Liquid Web and your transition:

  • 24x7x365 Support, via ticket, chat, and phone call
  • Over 250 RedHat Linux, Microsoft, and Cisco certified technicians
  • Level 3 Technicians on-site at their wholly owned Data Centers

Specialized staff dedicated to solving difficult problems related to server security, data restoration, and hardware changes. (They work around the clock catching and preventing threats before they impact your services)

What does this all mean to you? In conjunction with RackCo, Liquid Web’s transition team will be communicating with you over the coming days and weeks regarding your migration schedule. We have structured this transition so that you can have confidence that your migration will be smooth and seamless.

We will be transitioning your RackCo hosting services to Liquid Web’s high performance Dedicated Server and Cloud Hosting environments. Liquid Web services will be, equal to or exceed your existing service. We will keep you informed of all upcoming transition schedules and maintenance windows.

Thank you for helping us grow RackCo. We are deeply appreciative of your business and your loyalty. We are confident that you are moving to one of the best hosting providers we know, and there is no doubt that your business deserves and will benefit from the kind of expertise, support, and product offerings that the Liquid Web Family of Brands delivers. We encourage you to learn more about the brands at



Kelly & Stephan

Ps: If you have any questions, please feel free to call 609.677.1900 Kelly Ext. 8000 or Stephan Ext. 8001 at any time!

Pps: This will not impact Stephan’s other operations, including CBSplit and Supercharged Entertainment, in any way.