How “The Personal Approach” is Drawing IT Customers in 2019

How "The Personal Approach" is Drawing IT Customers in 2019

Much like the travel and hospitality industries, technology services require a personal approach in order for customers to find their perfect suppliers. When you are seeking travel accommodations, you look online for 4-star reviews, excellent customer services, and positive experiences. These perks are the ones that keep customers coming back for more.  

The same model is necessary for finding a managed service provider (MSP) to handle your information technology (IT) solutions. While some aspects of IT are best served in house and others can be managed remotely or even from a packaged out-of-the-box system, savvy and current technologists offering a personal approach have become a must-have.  

Service Levels Have Transformed 

When information technology was first offered as an outsourced service a few decades ago, third-party providers were essentially focused on specific technology needs over human needs. For example, if an organization needed data backup and recovery services or network management, the services were offered in a cookie-cutter approach, much like the construction of your home in an average neighborhood subdivision. Providers advertised a service model, and companies signed up.  

Today, service levels have transformed into a broad offering that not only covers every facet of IT delivered in a unique strategy, but they also take into account the underlying human aspects of every project. This transformation was critical in order for providers to solve real problems with the right solutions in a custom, simplified approach.  

What IT Services Do You Need? 

Consider some of your IT needs and the level of IT management you desire before you select someone to do the job. Understanding what is meant by “managed service provider” is important. This definition by Webopedia is a good one. “A Managed Service Provider (MSP), also called a Management Service Provider, is a company that manages information technology services for other companies via the Web. An MSP client may use internal operations or an ASP to run its business functions.” 

Most small companies are seeking an MSP that provides a common suite of services in one package deal, or a scalable à la carte offering in which you pay only for what you need. Hosting, cloud, and backup services along with a number of software as a service (SaaS) offerings such as hosted VoIP/PBX are most easily outsourced. Some IT services you may want to outsource include:  

  • Dedicated Managed Servers 
  • Remote Backup Services 
  • SQL High Availability Services 
  • VoIP/PBX Hosted Solutions 
  • Private Cloud Solutions 
  • Cloud Hosting  
  • Domain Name Registrations 
  • Virtual Private Servers 
  • Shared Web Hosting 

When you are in the market for remote IT service management, also consider whether or not you need custom services or out-of-the-box services. Find a well-known, sustainable IT provider that will offer the specific service level you need at the right price to align with your company requirements.  

Choices in IT Managed Services 

The choices in IT managed services have become so broad that in fact, it is difficult to settle for a company without getting entrenched in their processes and strategies to ensure they align with your IT goals. There is a new site popping up every hour to offer you the “very best” in IT services. As you know, that can’t be the case but how do you differentiate one from another?  

When you are familiar with your own goals and needs, a reputable IT service management company should be able to speak your language. Finding the best provider has a lot to do with your unique requirements, the size of your company, and the percentage of technology you want to control versus place in the hands of an expert. Seek a provider that wants to get to know you and delve into your organizational IT needs. While you have many choices, look for those amazing customer reviews and personal experiences you seek when you plan a world-class vacation.  

A Connected IT Provider Solution 

A connected IT provider solution is one that involves more than a quick fix. Seek innovation, current technology, and reasoning for your IT managed services needs. A tactical design and implementation plan based on your key business objectives is a significant asset in selecting your best MSP. Look for versatility and plenty of right information to help you make the best decisions for your organization. Share your ideas and look for the pros and cons of the solutions presented by your provider. You want to work with a company that will be there after the implementation phase and well into the future. Find a 24/7 customer services network that won’t let you down. Expect a personal approach and superior experience offered by today’s best providers. Contact RackCo today to learn more about support for your IT challenges.