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Premium Hosted VoIP PBX your way, to grow your business

Stop relying on your old outdated voice system and choose VoIP PBX solutions:

A Hosted VoIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone exchange system that is built, delivered, and managed by a service provider using IP telephony – so it is provisioned and delivered via the internet instead of via traditional PBX equipment that would once have needed to be installed in-house.

With a hosted phone system, there’s little equipment to be purchased. Your entire phone system runs off the same connection as your internet service, making the transition to your hosted solution easy and cost-effective. Your infrastructure cost will no longer be a concern.

With PBX VoIP solutions, we only need to install VOIP phones at your required destination which offers easy task handling while supporting workers as they will be only required a stable internet connection with a VOIP phone. A business virtual PBX phone system can reduce your monthly phone bill significantly compared to a traditional business phone system.

Above all, when you get VoIP PBX services from a reliable company like Rackco, you can reduce all the monthly phone bills as compared to the expensive traditional phone systems.

Why choose hosted PBX providers for business communication needs?

Hosted PBX is basically a private branch exchange service meant to ease your business’s communication challenges so you can incredibly deal with customer support issues. It’s also called Virtual PBX that offers a lot of amazing advantages. Especially if you are operating a call center, you can experience unlimited support, elimination of equipment installation, smooth operation as well as affordable maintenance costs regarding VoIP PBX.

That’s the reason when it comes to installing VoIP PBX phone solutions, it’s important to rely on a trusted and professional company that has proven experience and years of knowledge in the relevant industry.

Installation and configuration of VoIP and PBX by Rackco providers:

With Rackco service providers, you can simply experience a more worry-free installation procedure. Our professionals help you fully maintain your phone systems and configure all the settings for smooth operations and functionality. Our hosted VoIP PBX services include moving, adding or removing phone lines immediately according to your requirement.

Our user-centric hosted phone system providers ensure that the overall system runs as intended while keeping you engaged in your everyday activities instead of being caught up in different complicated technical problems.

Why choose hosted PBX providers in the long run?

When you choose business hosted PBX providers, you get access to a lot of benefits that prove fruitful in the long run, such as:

  • Ring on all numbers: You can configure your phone number so that you could ring on all the devices such as cell phones, desk phones, and others.
  • Voicemail: You can easily listen to your voicemail anytime from different devices such as mobile phones, desk phones, or PC.
  • HD voice: With hosted phone providers, you receive HD quality calls over your phone that definitely guarantees the best user experience.
  • Call recording: You will also be able to selectively record your calls regarding any training or compliance issue.
  • No maintenance: You don’t need to maintain anything other than phone systems. Upgrades usually happen in the cloud.

Incredible features of hosted PBX solutions:

Have a look at our detailed features before signing a deal:

  • Minimal costs:

Unlike traditional VoIP service providers, we charge minimal upfront costs. Whether you are a startup company or an established service, our costs are low.

  • Hosted by your services:

Without involving any third-party services, your hosted PBX solutions will be hosted by our own services that guarantee to provide maximum support.

  • No equipment needed:

The best part is, you don’t have to install physical equipment, we provide managed services hosted on the cloud, which reduces your costs and installation hassles.

  • Work remotely:

Since the services are virtual, you can work remotely from any part of the world without being present at the location where your PBX phone is hosted.

  • Flexible disaster recovery:

You can also experience flexible disaster recovery solutions like automatic rerouting of your calls anytime.

Future-proof your communications with IP PBX service providers:

VoIP IP PBX is responsible to handle all the internal traffic runs between different stations and then act as a gatekeeper outside that business world. 

When you rely on cloud Hosted IP PBX providers, your office will be anywhere you want it to be. And with time, when your business expands, you can easily scale up or scale down things without doing putting too much effort or truck rolls associated with your old traditional phone lines.

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Installation of VoIP PBX phone systems shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we provide easy access to our customers while giving them an opportunity to schedule a call today and get easy consultation. You can learn how we build a system that streamlines your organization’s communication needs and what more compelling features we have to offer for improved communication with customers.

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