When Is Hosted PBX The Perfect Solution?


A hosted voice over IP, or PBX, the solution is a great choice if you fall into one of several business categories: startup, small-to-midsize, budget-conscious, or eager to take advantage of a fully supported third-party system. After all, why not let a service provider establish your IP-PBX system and handle your technology requirements for phone system service. You enjoy the great advantages of versatile desk phones but all the while your calls and robust features are managed through a cloud server in a remote location. It’s the perfect blend for entrepreneurs who need state-of-the-art communications but no longer need or want the hassle in on-premise PBX solutions that require equipment housing, often use legacy technology, and require added staff.

What To Expect

When you contract with a well-established hosted PBX provider to operate your phone system, you generally incur a monthly fee for a package deal that aligns with your business needs. The features with a hosted IP phone solution are equally as attractive as with an on-premise solution, to include
all business, mobility, collaboration, and administrative features along with these must-have additions:

  •  auto attendant
  • call recording
  • call screening
  • call waiting
  • hunt groups
  • intercom system
  • music on hold
  • visual voicemail
    …and more

The feature set is important, but there are a number of considerations when you are ready to make a bold move for best VoIP services critical to your business operations, your customers, and the success of your company. Costs, connectivity, and scalability are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to make a superior decision to accommodate your organization for expert communications. The outcome generally affects your customer base as well.

Cost for Hosted PBX

You’ll be delighted to learn that hosted PBX solutions are generally more cost-effective than on-premise solutions. Here’s how. Equipment and setup are minimal, maintenance is handled by the provider at the server level, adding user lines is simple, and basic features sets are included along with necessary upgrades. You have the autonomy to train your staff as you like and manage your system backend in the cloud to your business advantage.

Connectivity Pluses With Hosted PBX

When you decide on a hosted PBX solution, there are a number of connectivity pluses that make this option attractive for small and mid-size companies. You have options. You can integrate this system with your existing phone service or replace it if needed. You get compatibility with various modern devices along with landlines and desk phones while your staff can be virtually anywhere. Your host can push new features, manage virtual numbers, navigate routing, deploy patches or upgrades, and ensure little or no downtime with backup server safeguards. Because IP phones are using a broadband connection, a phone system move is easy. Keep in mind that hosted PBX is reliant on excellent Internet connectivity for voice and call quality.

Scalability in Hosted PBX

Companies love the fact that adding or subtracting phone lines and services is effortless. With a few programming tweaks, a new team member may be added. While per-person costs may be incurred for new team members, the overall cost savings in a hosted solution often outweigh this factor. When you are seeking the best VoIP for small business, a cloud-based hosted IP-PBX solution is one that takes the burden off of staff and places it in the hands of the provider, thus the need for a well-respected company with a great track record.

Seek a hosted PBX provider that can offer you the right package to align with your small or midsize business requirements. The beauty in hosted services is that you give a lot of your challenges to skilled technicians in a safe environment while you manage certain aspects of your system on-site. RackCo has the IP-PBX equipment and service solutions to place your enterprise in the cloud with cost savings, connectivity pluses, and scalability, to move your business in the right direction when you are ready. Hosted PBX may be the perfect solution. It’s time to prepare your business for what the future brings and accommodate your customers for extreme user experiences using the best VoIP provider, and RackCo can help you do it.