Favorite Tech Show Gadgets Driving Our Futures


The 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas in February is just one more indication of how technology is driving our futures (in more ways than one). The 2018 CES featured 63 latest tech gadgets, so narrowing down a few to get excited about is no easy feat. Let’s look at some favorites made to suit the average American household. Keep in mind, the price points of these new and coming products may suit only those who must keep up with tech trends. Think alternative mobility aids, display and gaming advancements, and voice activation everything.

Driving Dynamics

A small personal electric vehicle offers help to those who need it. While the four-wheeled ATV-styled Whill Model Ci only goes five miles per hour, it may be the perfect battery operated solution for an individual that needs mobility for only a few miles. Families can check in by app as to the whereabouts of the vehicle and driver and if the battery level is sufficient. If you’re more in the market for only two wheels, read on. The Semicircle S1 Folding eBike is the most compact bicycle on the market at only 15 pounds. This folding bike fits into a backpack and has compatibility with your smartphone. City dwellers may find a collapsible bike more than a gadget.

Kitchens That Talk, Etc.

Advanced kitchens are taking a front seat thanks to new, amazing appliances that seem to talk back. Whirlpool and Samsung have new smart fridge models for your food preparation ease. The new Whirlpool Smart Fridge offers options such as grilling instructions and energy savers while the Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge is capable of suggesting recipes and helping out with a shopping list and deals. People are going to love these new fridge models.

Bathrooms With Panache

The Toto Floating Tub is nothing short of fabulous. It has a modern look but more importantly, it is able to simulate floating in space as it lights up at the base. However, there’s a price to pay for the ultimate in-home spa tub. If this tub isn’t in your price range, perhaps the Delta Alexa Faucet is. This gadget promises to follow your commands related to the status, amount, and temperature of the water. In fact, check out a variety of new Kohler products that are expected to improve your bathroom experience. A voice lighted mirror, upscale showering system and PerfectFill Bathtub are all in the works. Finally, even your toilet is due for an upgrade. Kohler has gone the extra mile with the Numi Intelligent Toilet to offer a hands-free flush, bidet, foot warmer, air dry, and odor control plus music, night light, and automated toilet-seat temperature control.

Families First

Consumer industries are putting families first! New display and gaming gadgets are made for family rooms. Ultimate in TV models are available by Samsung and Sony, and other advanced gaming options are plenty. The ChannelMaster Smartenna and Stream+ offer cable alternatives in a 60-mile-wide range for optimized reception. The Stream+ feature provides ample added features with no subscription.

The Wall by Samsung is the ultimate in movie-scale TVs, sized at 146 inches, and based on its Cinema Screen technology. You may need to wait for it, but it will be worth it. Meanwhile, the supersized Sony XBR-X900F LCD TV is now available in 85 inches.

And for the kids (young and old), there are many computer game upgrades. The Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy is a comeback based on Nintendo’s original design. The look and feel of the aluminum shell claim to be even better and there’s a bonus incompatibility with the original game cartridges.

Mom will love the Moodo Scent Machine. This new system is designed to possibly replace other home scent systems such as diffusers and candles. Not only that, pair it with Alexa for voice commands to select your scent of choice.

Trending Gadgets Vs Cloud Technology

These fine trending gadgets, either on the market or coming soon, maybe high on your wish list. However, many of them are attractive modern conveniences you can live without. Cloud technology, on the other hand, is a concept you need for business. Once viewed as a desirable trend, cloud technology has become a must-have business solution that may prepare your operations for the next era of technology. Speak with an expert technologist at RackCo and find out first hand why cloud technology is a must for your small business. Get in the cloud today, and get ready for the future.