Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server solutions to streamline your business

Dedicated Servers

We provide an efficient dedicated server hosting service to perfectly align with your business needs. Our expert technicians are standing by to prepare the right strategy at the high-quality RackCo service level.

Dedicated Server Hosting Service

Our managed dedicated-server hosting service option includes Internet hosting in which you lease an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. RackCo exclusive managed hosting services uses only Dell servers that are maintained and managed by our expert technicians.

Our managed dedicated server solutions includes a free customer consultation and assessment in order to recommend the best possible strategy to align with your business and customer needs.

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How can RackCo’s Dedicated Server Hosting benefit your business?

  • Your Server is not shared

    When you choose a dedicated hosting provider, you enjoy the full resources of single server. You don’t need to worry about other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. You can be sure that increases in bandwidth usage won’t impact performance.

  • Enhanced performance and security

    If your website receives a lot of traffic, dedicated servers provide more reliability than shared hosting. This will ensure that your visitors and customers are receiving the best user experience. In addition, you can also be sure that you aren’t sharing space with malicious websites. Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security, particularly important for companies handling sensitive transactions and information.

  • No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

    When a company doesn’t have the resources to manage a server themselves, dedicated hosting becomes a perfect solution to access the resources of a full server. A dedicated hosting provider handles the cost of building and maintaining server equipment, thus reducing overhead for a business and improving return on investment.

  • Flexibility

    With dedicated servers hosting, the configuration of the server is able to satisfy your specific requirements. This allows you to have more control as your business evolves without having to worry about whether or not a shared server is going to be able to accommodate your changing needs.

Computer Cluster Solutions

When you require high-availability cluster solutions to accommodate your multi-faceted business enterprise, RackCo has the technical expertise and precision equipment to optimize your environment. In a group-server strategy, we offer a single-system solution to ensure optimum availability, expert load balancing, and high-end parallel processing capabilities. You receive the level of support and autonomy you desire, while RackCo does the heavy lifting for you in a custom plan made to match your exact needs.

The RackCo computer cluster solutions help your IT staff gain maximum processing power needed for desktop apps, databases, and knowledge management (KM) systems.

How can RackCo’s Cluster Solutions benefit your business?

  • Easy scalability

    As your user base grows and report complexity increases, your resources can grow.

  • High availability

    If one Server in a cluster fails, the other Servers in the cluster can pick up the workload. This prevents the loss of valuable time and information.

  • Increased processing power

    Multiple machines provide greater processing power and are able to accommodate heavy workload when needed.

  • Reduced costs

    You can distribute projects across nodes in any configuration you prefer. This reduces overhead because not all machines need to be running for all projects. This allows you to manage and preserve your resources wisely.

  • Simplified networking technology

    A clustering solution simplifies the management and scalability of large and growing systems.

A well-planned cluster computer environment is critical to your long-term efficiency. Let RackCo consult with you for a top-level computer clustering analysis and implementation plan that will prepare you for the decades ahead.

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Let RackCo assist you to select the type of hosting solution that best aligns with your company needs and budget. We evaluate your environment, assess your needs, and provide an efficient model for your success. You receive the highest quality in a Cisco-built network, Dell enterprise services, and managed dedicated server solutions, from custom installations to complex cluster builds. We understand your needs for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and we’re here to offer the RackCo difference in a personalized approach.


Rely on dedicated managed server solutions and high-availability cluster solutions from RackCo. Call our technicians at 800-652-7922 or email our Sales team and ask about building a custom plan to fit your needs! It’s time to make the right choice for your enterprise.