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Available Dedicated Servers

CPU Core Ram Storage Bandwidth Price Type
Dell Enterprise Server 1950 2x Quadcore x 2.66 GHz 4 GB (DDR4) 1 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Unlimited $99.00/mo un-managed Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server 1950 2x Quadcore x 2.66 GHz 16 GB (DDR4) 2 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Raid Unlimited $299.00/mo managed Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server 860 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $650.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R620 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $650.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R630 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $650.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R610 2 Cores Hexacore 48gb ram 2 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Raid Configure on demand $650.00/mo managed Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R710 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $350.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server R410 Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand Configure on demand $265.00/mo Order Now
Dell Enterprise Server 1955 2x Quadcore x 2.66 GHz 16 GB (DDR4) 2 x 146-500 GB SAS/SATA Raid Unlimited $249.00/mo managed Order Now

Get cloud dedicated server with 100% scalability & security and 0% sharing:

Want more resources to establish a powerful setup? Or just processing some confidential data that needs additional security and dedicated infrastructure?

With our cloud-dedicated server hosting solution, you will experience the best results, you will have an entirely dedicated and private infrastructure with 99.9% availability which is managed by our expert professionals while letting you focus on your core business objectives.

At Rackco, we harness the power of next-generation Intel hardware so we can provide our customers a completely transformed, isolated, and dedicated environment so they can handle all the complex and critical workloads without experiencing a single issue.

Our dedicated cloud server includes Internet hosting in which you lease an entire server that is not shared with anyone else. RackCo’s exclusive managed hosting services use only Dell servers that are maintained and managed by our expert technicians. This offers 100% scalability, security, and flexibility with 0% sharing.

Why choose dedicated cloud hosting by Rackco?

We provide managed dedicated server solutions that include a free customer consultation and assessment in order to recommend the best possible strategy to align with your business and customer needs.

A dedicated hosting cloud server solution is powerful enough to provide you an ultimate result in the cloud as well as high VPS performance. It simply combines a technically equipped server and also a high-end infrastructure with a customized cloud software stack. Our experts professionally set up a cloud server for you so you can fully manage your end-to-end server solution which doesn’t even require any technician or an engineer to run and operate. All you need to do is, log in to your account, create and then manage the entire setup. 

Important features of dedicated cloud server hosting:

  • DDoS protection:

With an exceptional DDoS protection solution, you will get a real-time monitoring solution that mitigates traffic, and your server will be protected from sudden attacks.

  • 100% server control:

A dedicated server hosting solution offers 100% control, you don’t have to stress about sharing features with others as you will be a single tenant in the cloud.

  • Full system resource:

You will have full system resources; you can use any feature and tool according to your requirements without having to worry about other resources.

  • Unlimited bandwidth:

With unlimited bandwidth, you can have as many visits to your site as you want. There will be no restrictions on storage space or traffic limitations.

  • Extreme potential:

When you have a dedicated server hosting solution, you can perform all the activities smoothly and hassle as it offers extreme potential such as fast speed and unrestricted access to features.

  • Custom plans:

Unlike traditional hosting solutions, we provide custom plans and packages for dedicated hosting that best suits your needs.

  • Cost-effective:

You don’t have to pay extra costs for traffic or other features as the dedicated hosting solution is a cost-effective option with a lot of amazing features.

  • Scalable and flexible:

Dedicated servers are scalable and flexible, you can add or remove any hardware resource as per requirements, such as fast CPU and RAM.

  • 100% network:

The best element is you can experience a 100% network and uptime guarantee for multiple routing devices in your network.

What makes Rackco an excellent service provider for the dedicated cloud?

Different elements set us apart from others in the industry, such as:

  • Unrivaled support for 24 hours
  • Highly available internal LAN
  • Extremely secure and flexible
  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Highly redundant services
  • Professional expertise
  • High-end hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are dedicated cloud servers fully managed?

Our dedicated cloud hosting plans feature different management levels that suit all your business requirements. That’s the reason, we recommend Fully Managed Cloud Dedicated servers that offer complete support, control, freedom, and assistance. You can run the system the way you want while utilizing all the features and tools without any hassles. However, if you need any help regarding its technical issues or elements, our support staff is always here to manage all the complications.

  • Are there any types of cloud?

Yes, there are multiple types of cloud such as hybrid cloud, public cloud, private cloud, and multi-cloud. We provide all kinds of cloud support by analyzing what best suits your needs.

  • What are some benefits of dedicated cloud hosting?

You don’t need to maintain your servers on-premise data centers. With the cloud, you can have great scalability and flexibility while improving the agility and system of your organization. Cloud environments are also quite secure as compared to other hosting solutions. Moreover, your data will be centralized, and you can easily maintain backups.

  • Which workloads a dedicated cloud hosting can handle?

Well, in general, cloud hosting can handle any kind of workload. You can shift everything over the cloud for maintaining an organized infrastructure. However, you may need to analyze the impacts of cloud migration by considering the special elements of meeting several regulatory compliances.

  • What are the costs of the cloud?

Since we create custom plans based on your needs, you will experience an optimal cost structure. At Rackco, we analyze your needs and give you an exact quote that suits your budget and industry requirements. To have more ideas, have a look at our mentioned below or just contact our specialists for further estimates.

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