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Premium cloud managed your way, to grow your business

Empower your business website with cloud-managed hosting solutions:

If you want to give a boost to your traffic and empower your business for more success and recognition, it’s important to choose a hosting that offers unlimited benefits of security, performance, speed, and flexibility. Luckily, you have an opportunity to consider cloud hosting managed services by Rackco that are an advanced revolution in the Cloud Hosting industry. 

With a managed solution, you won’t only enjoy the benefits of Cloud Hosting services, but also leverage the support of our efficient system admins, engineers, as various IT professionals who can run the IT operations smoothly and quickly. 

The major difference between your managed cloud hosting and cloud hosting is the number of resources, features, and overall support you need from the service providers.

Not a web development expert? Cloud hosting managed services are here to help!

No worries if you have the least knowledge of web development or technical expertise. By choosing Managed Cloud Hosting solutions, you can easily run your own company on the cloud with less technical expertise as our experts are here to handle things on your behalf. 

Especially when you compare the privileges with unmanaged hosting services like Microsoft and Amazon, you will realize how managed services cloud hosting is a smart solution for your needs. Because when you choose unmanaged, you will be responsible to manage all the hardware & software complexities along with different technical applications. 

This means, hiring cloud-managed hosting services is all you need that can help you deal with cloud infrastructure, complex tools & features, security issues, development, and much more under one roof.

What to expect from Rackco’s cloud-managed hosting services?

When you choose Rackco’s cloud-managed hosting services for your business, you get access to a lot of additional features that especially secure your site from malicious attempts. For example, a data mirroring solution. It makes sure that your important data won’t be lost in case of any hardware failures or different issues

The data will be smartly mirrored across various devices on different drives and cabinets. It ensures user-friendly transfer to the storage if you encounter any hardware issues. We help you monitor the performance of your website with a user-friendly as well as intuitive dashboard.

Features of managed cloud hosting services:

  • Dedicated customer support
  • Improved security
  • Advanced caching
  • Easy workload
  • Automated recovery and backup
  • Regular reporting

Who should consider managed cloud hosting solutions?

After the above features and elements, it’s evident that managed cloud hosting requires some technical work, especially when it comes to server upgrade and maintenance- which is why you need the help of cloud hosting services that can take care of all the elements carefully. 

Being a website owner, you don’t have to stress about the settings, hosting your website, or configuring the cloud infrastructure, because our cloud experts will manage everything on your behalf. From initial setup to final launch, we provide complete assistance according to your needs. Our technical support engineers and IT staff will help render every assistance you require for smooth operations. 

Moreover, startup companies that are new in the business or organizations with the least technical knowledge about web hosting should always invest in Managed Cloud Hosting solutions provided by Rackco that give plenty of benefits with the most affordable costsAlso, if you are a large enterprise and less time to handle issues, or cannot address all kinds of complicated server needs, then Managed cloud hosting is the right solution to consider today.

Let us scale your business with fully managed cloud hosting solutions!

Whether you want to expand or just experiencing a great spike in traffic, managed cloud hosting is a scalable and flexible solution for every need. Call us today, schedule your appointment with our experts and let us guide you throughout the process.

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