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Host your websites with security, reliability, and transparency with cPanel shared hosting:

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, secure, and transparent solution for your website and server, then you don’t need to look further as you have an option to rely on cPanel shared hosting solution with the most trusted and easy to use control panel interface. cPanel efficiently combines several features and tools of hosting into a central point of access. 

From setting up a new website builder to making different email addresses for your website, everything can be managed successfully by cPanel hosting solution. 

So, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert, the cPanel interface is comparatively intuitive as well as user-friendly to navigate.

Let’s get down to learn more or sign up to enjoy cPanel hosting a free trial to get the best possible experience before spending anything.

Why is cPanel shared web hosting a popular solution among businesses?

Unlike other web hosting solutions, cPanel brings a lot of features that help deal with complicated files, stats, emails, SEO optimization, and data tracking. 

Moreover, it is easy to use, a simple, organized, and clean solution even for beginners with a lot of tools to automate that simplify the process of web hosting.

What is the process of hosting a website using shared cPanel?

Hosting a website using a platform called cPanel is quite easy and simple. Once you register the domain name with us, you need to use Softaculous which is a technical software installer that enables you to download the CMS of your own choice. Now you can manage all the elements of your hosting account using a dashboard of cPanel. 

Our shared cPanel hosting solution tools are available to create backups, email accounts, FTP logins as well as different databases. With our cPanel hosting solution, you can easily manage SSL certificates and domains. Also, monitor your disk space usage, assess server logs or edit files of your website.

Features included in shared cPanel hosting solution:

There are lots of features and elements included in our cheap cPanel shared hosting solution that offers long-term success to every small and large business.

  • SSD drives:

You can get access to Solid State Drives that provide 20x fast performance and speed with increased uptime as compared to your old hard disk drives.

  • Guaranteed satisfaction:

Our shared cPanel hosting plans are available with guaranteed satisfaction and money-back guarantees.

  • Efficient cPanel tools:

With easy-to-use and effective cPanel tools, you can create databases, emails, and FTP accounts while also managing server files as well as domains.

  • Single-click installation:

If you want to save plenty of time, cPanel is the right choice for you as it offers one-click installation to all its apps and features.

  • Data backups:

With a cheap shared cPanel hosting service, you can protect the website with different automatic backup solutions while securing your data for the future.

  • Maximum speed:

As we implement advanced routing technology, we make sure that our network runs faster than others in the industry, so you don’t experience any difficulties.

  • Free drag and drop builder:

cPanel hosting plans by Rackco provide access to free drag and drop builder. You can either start from scratch or choose from a professionally designed template.

  • IMAP email:

The most favorite feature of every business owner who uses cPanel, you can get access to your emails easily and hassle-free from any device or location.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cPanel hosting?

cPanel is the control panel of your hosting account that helps you manage all the files and applications hassle-free. You can easily configure all the elements of a Linux web server such as SSL certificates, databases, emails, and others. 

  • How can I add my domain in cPanel?

By using our shared cPanel hosting service, you will have a single account to manage all the tasks and activities of your websites. With reseller or virtual private sharing accounts, a user can build individual accounts with access to use unlimited addon domains. However, by using your cPanel account, you need to navigate to your domain icon and choose “Addon Domain” for adding a new domain.

  • What are the costs of cPanel hosting?

The costs may differ with the requirements of users. Have a look below and select your desired plan or consult with our professionals to get detailed ideas about the costs.

  • Why should I choose cPanel hosting by Rackco?

Rackco provides free trial opportunities so you can easily decide whether it’s the best solution for you or not. It helps you set up professional email accounts, autoresponders, and much more. Plus, you can enjoy premium security features such as IP blockers and password protection. Moreover, the costs are affordable for even small websites and businesses.

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So, whether you are looking for cPanel basic hosting, cPanel e-commerce hosting, or cPanel reseller hosting, we have got you covered with our comprehensive pricing plans mentioned below:

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