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By RackCo Team In Blog Posted March 28, 2020

The Mobile Revolution

In spite world issues, political battles, and global economic twists, one thing is certain—the mobile technology revolution continues, and with that comes aggressive user demands for everything from bandwidth to battery life.…

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By RackCo Team In Blog Posted February 24, 2020

Virtual Phone Systems for the Future

While you have relied on a landline phone service for decades, you may be asking why you would want to migrate your small business to a virtual phone system. There are a number…

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By RackCo Team In Blog Posted January 9, 2020

New in 5G Wireless Technology for 2020

The time is near. By now, you’ve heard about the fifth-generation (5G) telecom transformation, expected to significantly change the world in which we live in 2020, but what does it really mean for consumers and enterprises? News site Quartz said, “The happiest…

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By RackCo Team In Blog Posted December 13, 2019

What Does Innovative Technology Look Like in 2020?

The Expansion of Voice  While VoIP calling and communications alternatives are today fully integrated into our daily lives, further expansion in voice is inevitable. There are hundreds of VoIP-based providers that continue to help improve processes for businesses including Nextiva, Telzio, JustCall, Jive, Skype,…

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By RackCo Team In Blog Posted November 13, 2019

Digital Technology Strategies-What Leaders are Focused On

Companies are working in a transitional period that requires an information technology orchestrator and a wide spectrum of business analytics and savvy collaboration tools that integrate for a harmonious operation. It’s a time when internal collaboration and remote workforce tools cross over into the client audiences for dual success.…

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