5 Trends for Private Cloud Servers

Private Cloud Servers

When you consider the heightened demands placed on company IT departments along with the technological growth rates over the last few decades, regardless of the economical state, a slowdown is not expected anytime soon. As companies prepare their IT infrastructure to accommodate mobility in the workplace, security, and big data, there is no mistake that private cloud alternatives have a place for next-generation computing. Five trends surface when it comes to private cloud servers.

  • 1. A software-defined data center (SDDC) relies on virtualization among data center resources to offer small and enterprise businesses total solutions for their IT infrastructure. Using a private cloud model, market growth in just one of the positive expectations. Software and hardware resources along with networking are possible through a software-based virtual private server (VPS) network. Storage is made possible in the same manner extending scalable, secure solutions, and high performance. A software-defined data center (SDDC) also boasts automation and system management for administrator-enabled provisioning and control. While typically SDDC is a match for hybrid cloud solutions, this design is also finding a place in the private-cloud sector as a self-service software-based alternative.


  • 2. As more and more organizations rely on valuable big data, private-cloud servers can minimize the cost for added storage and recognize better computing capabilities. This is a win-win for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that can’t afford powerful business intelligence (BI) programs but need the computing power. Private cloud options in such a scenario can be extremely efficient in terms of big data and containerized application needs and also help keep costs at a minimum. SMBs still get a scalable, high-end solution with the control and bandwidth they require.


  • 3. While enterprise-scale companies find public or hybrid cloud options trending as a must-have for web-scale information technology, not everyone is in it for size and scale. Defining small business requirements and migrating to a private cloud data center solution can be adequate while staying current with technology, preparing for future growth, and having the option of adding a hybrid cloud solution later. Evaluating your business needs and defining a long-term growth strategy might include a more versatile virtual private cloud scenario.


  • 4. While security is on the minds of IT leaders across the globe, private cloud servers offer peace of mind that is hard to find in public and hybrid alternatives. Protecting the facets of your IT involves more than secure data backups. Security must be managed at the storage, server, and networking levels for business continuity. A private data center is often seen as more adaptable to complex networking connections, larger amounts of data, and advanced architectures. The benefit in a single-entity-managed solution that can simultaneously monitor and control an IT environment is attractive to organizations that want to save on the high costs of IT staff and high-maintenance on-premise solutions.


  • 5. Administrative tasks in a software-based private cloud server solution are minimized since the software is easily accessed in a dashboard-style for complete control. It doesn’t take an IT Administrator to manage your company IT infrastructure, and businesses find a virtual private cloud solution relieves the pressure in today’s IT challenges.

A private cloud solution is a choice, and there are many trends to consider in helping you understand and make the best decisions for your organization. When you are seeking flexibility and scalability in a managed cloud solutions that give you the power you need, when and where you need it, RackCo is your go-to provider.

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