3 Newer Technologies On The Radar | AI


Technology leaders were surveyed about trends that are expected to impact businesses this year. These BIG three technology trends rose to the top—AI, IoT, and Robotics. You’ve heard the terms, but what do they really mean to you and your business. Like most companies, positive disruptions are desired in the form of business efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, and innovative turnaround.  Let’s take a closer look at artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics and how they may play a role (or will play a role) in your industry.

Artificial Intelligence Explained

According to Margaret Rouse at – Tech Target, “AI (artificial intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information), reasoning (using the rules to reach approximate or definite conclusions), and self-correction.” Margaret goes on to say the AI applications include things like speech recognition, machine vision, and expert systems. To simplify the meaning of AI into layman’s terms, consider some of these relatable applications that accommodate various industries:

  • Siri or Alexa. Speech activated devices in which you can ask for information or make voice commands that are device-driven. Ask for directions or specific information from Siri, or tell Alexa to schedule an appointment or change the household temperature.
  • Tesla Self-Driving Technology. Technology and automation are the rages in new automobiles including Tesla in which there are signals and voice options to guide driving.
  • Amazon Customer Algorithms. Have you noticed when you purchase from Amazon (and many other companies), the company remembers your purchasing interests? Thank a level of AI for the ability to memorize consumer behaviors and respond.

Other common AI applications are found in movie streaming services, travel industry providers, and so many more. More advanced uses for AI include programmable systems used for automated and repeated tasks. Machine learning is a concept in which no programming is involved but yet a computer can still perform and respond. Imagine the potential. This shortlist might help you understand just how powerful AI is today and how it may be integrated into your operations in the future.

Internet of Things (IoT) Explained

Yes, you’ve heard that the Internet of Things (IoT) is certain to impact your home life and your workplace, but the questions are what is IoT really, and how will it affect us? IoT in its simplest form is the connectivity of devices through switches and the Internet. For example, on a smaller scale, IoT gives you the ability to use your devices to take actions that involve your home or office appliances, thermostats, lighting, coffee makers, and more. On a larger industrial scale, think way outside this box as to how the aeronautics or oil and gas industries might apply IoT. Billions of connected devices are expected to perform a myriad of tasks. The gargantuan network of “all things connected” is certain to change the way you do business, from office improvements to security efficiencies and beyond.

Robotics Explained

You may be thinking of yesteryear first robot, and in fact, you are not thinking that far off from today’s “robotics.” To define “what is robotics” in a basic way, it is simply technology that deals with automation in the form of a mechanical assembly. To design, construct, operate, and apply a robot to accomplish some task is not new, but in fact, the applications today are incredible. Industrial robots have been solving productivity challenges for years, and today the ability for a robot to mimic our human behavior is in fact possible. Consider these industries in which robots are common: automotive, aerospace, construction, home and office, manufacturing, and more. Some futuristic robotics applications for you to ponder as well include drones, military/weaponry, security, robots-as-a service, cloud computing services, and more.

Managed services providers are inching their way into advanced technologies that involve various levels of AI, IoT, and robotics. It may be time to upgrade your office technology in preparation for the future. Let RackCo be your go-to company for cloud-based services, as you get ready for the next generation of incredible, innovative technology.