3 High-Tech Growth Areas for the Coming Year


For almost every organization, high-tech growth areas for the coming year will be centered on some form of digital transformation. As long as technology continues to advance and evolve, and it will company IT departments find themselves in a continual effort to keep up and transition forward. Staying current helps companies maintain a competitive edge, and they often look to third-party technology providers to assist. Software as a Service (SaaS) providers are in a better position to assess digital needs, stay current, and implement new technology. Three high-tech growth areas surface as significant to most organizations for the coming yeara second cloud technology transformation, the latest technology for agility and innovation, and new security opportunities 

1.A Second Cloud Technology Transformation

While the last few decades brought both excitement and challenges in the migration to various private, public, and hybrid cloud models, a new transition to adapt to the perfect cloud environment is ongoing. The arguments for the three cloud models have been controversial, and some organizations have struggled the hard way to find the perfect blend—thus the cloud technology transformation continues.  

Cloud computing began with a solid reputation that promised cost savings, security, and scalability but in fact, the transition presented new challenges for many. In a new phase of cloud connectivity, organizationcontinue to seek flexible, scalable consumption models to get the most out of their services. The perfect cloud model is especially important to enterprise-level software companies that integrate their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities using cloud-based software to extend to the market. While cloud technology has proven to be a success, the right cloud services model continues as a digital transformation for many businesses.  

2.Latest Technology for Agility and Innovation 

In a competitive marketplace, every company seeks the most current technology that offers agile, innovative results in order to stay on trend internally and with their client base. Companies must outperform their competition so they utilize current, innovative technology to help them achieve success. While there are dozens of software programs designed to achieve agility and innovation, many companies find they need everything-as-a-service (EaaS) providers to help with an implementation plan. Larger organizations that can hire in-house still find experts to manage this for them, but small and medium-sized businesses find third-party companies are not only immersed and educated in their fields but also more cost-effective at helping them stay current and innovative. In any case, companies need a competitive advantage as consumers seek the most current user experiences, products, and services—and they can get it. Companies can’t afford to get behind.  

3.New Security Opportunities 

Year after year, new security challenges remain a growth area for every business, every leader. For each new technological advancement comes a new security challenge. In the case of third-party providersyou might call this a new security opportunity. Cloud providers, for example, must have security as the number one service. Security is a broad topic that crosses every platform, employee, network, equipment, currency, data, and moreThere are some promising security alternatives when it comes to both blockchain technology and biometrics.  

While originally deemed promising for cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is known to record other types of transactions in blocks of highly encrypted data. At, the authors of Blockchain Revolution, Don, and Alex Tapscott describe it this way: “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”  

Biometrics—or the metrics about human characteristics—is another promising area in which authentication, identification, and access control can be securely verified. It is used by surveillance groups for fingerprinting, face recognition, iris recognition, hand geometry, and much more.  

Growth Areas Vary By Company 

High-growth areas of technology vary among companies depending on the state of their technology and their digital transformation. The one fact that is certain, most companies will be going through a digital transformation for decades to come. Now is the best time to reach out to third-party EaaS providers to help you streamline your cloud services, position your staff for agility and innovation, and get the latest resources to fight the security battle. Contact RackCo, and seek out some of the experts IT managed services that will take you into the next decade.