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100% uptime shared hosting Including free domain, free SSL certificate and unlimited website hosting.
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70% OFF Hosting
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100% uptime shared hosting Including free domain, free SSL certificate and unlimited website hosting.

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Super Features

Shared hosting

Free Site


We will transfer data and migrate your domain on Rackco in few hours.



We provide Cpanel and Plesk as per your need with no extra price.



All your files will backup on daily basis with just a simple click.



Get as many visits to your site as you want with scalable bandwidth.

Free SSL


Trusted security to make your website secure and trusted for customers.

100% Network


No more worry about server speed and uptime you will get 100%.

One Click


Get a pre-installed WordPress with one click activation and tons of features.



Our support is 24/7 available for your needs and questions feel free to test our services.

Powerful Machine

Complete Specs

Top Features


1 Year Domain


Site Transfer


SSL Certificate




Auto Backup

Hosting Panel


Plesk, Cpanel

Web Based

File Manager


Protect directory

Sub domains


FTP Account







Email Marketing

Free Tool

Auto Responder

Mail Forwards


PHP My Admin



PHP 5, 7


Ruby on Rails


Perl, Python



Joomla, Drupal


OS Scripts

Custom Apps

RackCo Shared Hosting

30 Days Money Back Gaurantee

Flexible Hosting

Rackco Shared Hosting Provides the best scalable Shared Hosting servers for the next level performance along with the easiest and most economical architecture.

Rackco gives your Master Plan a head start by hosting your website with one of the fastest Shared Hosting servers in the world.

Fully Managed Hosting Solutions -
Fully Managed Hosting Solutions -

DDos Protection

With 99.9% uptime, DDoS protection, managing spikes in traffic in seconds with the highest performance scalable Shared Hosting Servers, Rackco will guide you to build and launch truly impressive websites.

Rackco Servers also have an extra layer of security which gives you 24/7 monitoring and protection against vulnerabilities, malware, and other hacker attacks

Flexible Hosting

Not only that, with Rackco Shared Hosting Premium Plan, now get a Free Domain, SSL, Emails, Thousands of themes, Cache engine, Daily backups, Drag & Drop page editor.

Faster sites along with our wide range of plugins to create
the best performance CMS sites (WordPress, Joomla),
forums and blogs.

Fully Managed Hosting Solutions -

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Free Domain with Hosting Plans

Still Got Some Q’s?

Shared Hosting is one of the most popular hosting packages because it provides an affordable way to get your website online. Shared Hosting works by allowing multiple users to share space on a single server maintained by the hosting provider (RackCo). A Shared Hosting package can include multiple offers or combinations of features as offered by their hosting provider. RackCo Shared Hosting is perfect for blogging, hobbies and small business websites.

When you sign up for a Shared Hosting package, your biggest benefit is purchasing hosting at an affordable price. In addition to various features, our shared hosting platform is managed which means users don’t have to worry about server management and platform patches. When you purchase a Shared Hosting package it also includes an SSL certificate, domain name and more!

Anyone who has a website needs hosting to get their website online. Shared Hosting is a low-cost option for new users that is affordable and can be used with WordPress. Any website hosted through RackCo automatically has WordPress installed and ready to use. Shared WordPress Hosting is fully integrated with all the WordPress features to include automatic WordPress updates and installation.

When you have a Shared Hosting package you are one of multiple users hosting their website on a web server. This means a specific allotment of resources (RAM, CPU, etc) are not guaranteed for your website. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting provides more space and bandwidth to manage a higher influx of traffic to your website. VPS Hosting allows you to expand a website over time so you can easily scale up your website as it grows. Users have a much higher degree of control with VPS Hosting so you can customize your control configuration as you’d like.

RackCo strives to make it easy for our customers to get their website online with the purchase of our hosting packages. When you visit the RackCo website you will select your Shared Web Hosting plan. These plans vary in prices and features. Once you select your hosting package we will automatically install the latest version of WordPress for you. Once you’re logged in, it’s time to get your website online!

If you already have a website and are considering changing your web host, then you will need some assistance with migration. RackCo provides a migration service that can assist you in getting all your files transferred securely and correctly. Migrating your website can be time consuming and extremely complex so we want to provide you with the best support possible from our team of experts.

Just getting started? With a Shared Starter plan, you can host one website — a great place to begin! If you’re looking to manage a handful of sites, a Shared Unlimited plan allows you to host any number of websites (we say unlimited and we mean it!). Whatever flexibility you need, RackCo offers it.

Whether you’re building your business or your brand (or both), you want to put your best foot forward. An exclusive email tied to your domain can give you a professional edge as you work to grow your website. With RackCo’s Shared Unlimited plan, you get a dedicated email @ your domain. Additionally, RackCo offers paid email plans, so anybody — even Shared Starter customers — can add professional email from their domain, up to five mailboxes with 25GB of disk storage each. And hey, you don’t have to pay a pretty penny for these services.

A domain name is the unique .com (or dot whatever) address where your site can be found on the web. But in order to get your website online, you’ll also need a web host to provide the server space necessary to store your site. For a fully-functional site, you need both a domain name and a good web host. Like peanut butter and jelly, they’re better together. To make things simple, you can keep your needs in-house, letting one provider supply both your domain name and web hosting needs. Let RackCo multitask for you — at a great price.

Totally. We know your ultimate goal is probably to grow your website over time. We want that for you! When your site’s traffic reaches rush-hour levels, is overflowing with content, or simply needs more high-powered tech and features, you can upgrade to a plan with extra bells, whistles, and performance power. While Shared Hosting is a smart, budget-friendly option when you’re a beginner, a content-rich and heavily-trafficked site may demand a larger-scale plan, meaning additional server space, specially-dedicated resources, advanced security, and accelerated speeds.

Wondering when to upgrade? If you notice diminished site performance or lack necessary space or resources, it’s time to consider bumping your site to the next level and choosing a better-fit hosting package. No matter the current size of your website, RackCo offers a perfectly-matched plan. We adapt to match your needs, making upgrading easy.

We care about safety big time — and so do your site’s visitors. With a Shared Hosting account, you get an SSL certificate for free to add to your site. In this day and age, having an SSL for your site is a no-brainer best practice. Not only does an SSL help your visitors feel safe interacting with your site — this is particularly important if you run an e-commerce site — but it avoids penalizations you might otherwise earn from search engines without one. No website wants an “unsafe” or “insecure” label to bruise their reputation. While a SSL certificate isn’t an end-all, be-all defense against internet baddies, it’s certainly a great first step in the right direction to putting your site visitors at ease.

Yep! Forget about packing up virtual boxes or worrying about a forwarding address— we’ll handle the transfer tasks and make moving to RackCo E-A-S-Y. By transferring your domain registration from your old provider to RackCo, you can easily manage all aspects of your domain from one convenient location. See our guide to get more details about moving.

We take security very seriously because there’s no point having a website if you can’t be sure that it’s safe from attack. We use BitNinja to protect all of our users, and we go out of our way to ensure that our servers are as strong and secure as possible. This includes running advanced, custom-built security software and regularly updating our infrastructure.

Of course! We’re all about helping our customers to get their businesses off the ground, and that means that we support e-commerce sites on any of our plans. You can also take advantage of our auto-installers to set up a range of content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms.

Here at RackCo, we pride ourselves on our support team. In fact, we call our support team our customer success team, because we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers are as successful as possible. If you have a problem, no matter what it is, then get in touch with us. We’ll do our best to fix it if it’s something that’s under control, and even if not, we’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Our customer success team is top-rated within the industry and we have a long track record of doing everything in our power to help our customers. We respond quickly and thoroughly and don’t give up until we’ve found a solution. So if you’re having a problem, get in touch!